Fishing Noodle Rod For Marine Catfish (Duri) at Serangoon Reservoir

I went for some noodle rod exercise with my uncles and his million friends last weekend. I've always wanted to test my Silstar Teal noodle rod against the catfishes at the spot and so I brought along prawn meat to cast out and some live prawns for another rod...

It was a long walk in and I could see it's just a matter of time before the spot is closed. Although the bangla workers there are very friendly... We can only go in to fish there because they are friendly! If they are not friendly, they have all the right to chase us out of there.

Anyway, we arrived just when the tide is starting to rise. It's an excellent time for fishing as the water is calm, water column is low and you can see big fishes when they expose themselves. We saw a few great rushes at bait fishes by Barras and what I suspect were Giant Herrings.

My uncle friend got a hit as soon as he lowered his live prawn into the water! The fight was over in less than 20 seconds and I helped him pull in the fish. It was a decent size Diamond Trevally (Chermin) for the dinner plate. It's an excellent size for steaming or baking!

We were quite busy as the wind and rain were picking up. These were dead on conditions for the Catfish as they love warm waters. Peeled dead prawns worked wonders for them and one could expect a hit as fast as a few seconds on letting the bait down! I took my time and had my fun with my noodle rod. The fight was not as i expected as the catfish didn't feel the pressure(light drag used) so the fish swam in and only fought while i was about to pull it up. I still got mine fun though... How i wish i get a 4 or 5 kg Catfish next time...

A short video on small catfishes on noodle rods...  With Andy a.k.a punggol boy making a small appearance!

Hell broke loose when the tide shifted and the current picked up. We had no time to react as Giant Herrings took our bait and all sorts of fish acrobatics were in front of our eyes. Catfishes were also landed and lost while I myself lost a Barra because I was too far away from my rod!!! The action stopped though as the tide peaked and stabilized. The bites were slow after that and we waited for down going tide in which the current would slow down to a zilch. That would be the next "feeding timing".

We waited and waited but the next feeding time was slow and sporadic. Small nibblers were aplenty and we only got a few catfishes. We packed up before sundown and left while there was still light... Feeling contented that we had something to pull and shout about... Hahaha...

Total catch pic...

Hopefully can get a Diamond Trevally, Barra or Giant Herring on the next trip... Hehehe...


Paddy Pike said…
Great Fishing, And i just loved the bend in that rod, Excelent,

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