Saturday, July 18, 2009

Preventing Sea Sickness

Here is some seasickness information and what you can do about it. Seasickness can spoil the fun out of an offshore trip so always be prepared!

Old Wive's Cures
1)Drink some saltwater
2)Get into the water
4)Drink Hot Tea
5)Drink a carbonated soft drink
6)Burping and farting
7)Wearing ear plugs
8)Tie a rubber band on your wrist
9Medicated Ointment
10)Eating Dried Foods like Sour Plum

Modern Cures
1)Ginger Capsules and Crystallized Giner
2)Seasick Pills(e.g. Novomin, Antimo )
3)Motion Sickness Wristbands
4)Kimite Patch
5)Have a Banana!(Scientifically proven
6)Keeping one finger over one ear (blocking one ear). This stops the balancing liquid near your ears from moving around, therefore stopping the brain from detecting any motion sickness

Good Practices
1)Have Plenty of Water before the trip and on the trip
2)Rest Well the night before
3)Avoid Spicy/Curry/Oily food
4)Look far towards the horizon and do not concentrate too long on a single object near you.
5)Sleep with your head facing either the Stern or Bow. Depending on which side is of a higher elevation. Do not sleep sideways and always keep your head on the higher elevation. As long as your blood is flowing downwards towards your legs, you will not have any complications after you wake up; headaches, seasick, etc.
6)Moving to middle of the boat


chopchopkalipok said...

great tips bro... I'm sure many kakis will find this info useful. cheerz

Unknown said...

HI sir,
Where i can find motion sickness patch in Singapore?.