Ah Poh Tuas Offshore: Last Trip Before Enlisting!

Tackle Used:
Taurus Altima LJ PE 1 - 3
Daiwa Caldia Kix 3500
Leader: Triumph Fluorocarbon Shockleader 40lbs
Hook: Decoy Octopus 1/0
Swivel: Rosco Snap and ball bearing

I got a call from one of my kaki last week and he asked me if i will be interested in a Tuas Offshore. It's with a boatman he recently discovered and his first trip was super good. I told myself why not and it's gonna be my last trip before enlisting. There was only 4 of us and it was quite expensive but the extra space cum speed of the boat was well worth it.

During the trip, the first part was quite a joke because when we reach the boat, 3/4 of our Live Prawns had died so for the second half of the trip we were on dead prawns. There was a total of FIVE baktao landed during the trip. Seems like its BAKTAO HEAVEN there. Hehehe... There was a close to 1kg Baktao landed too...

Dedicated to Momok...

This boatman was quite garang... We were drifting in the not so legal zone the whole time while near JI and also directly at the shipping channel. Best thing was the spots are like 5 minutes ride from the jetty so we did not waste time getting to the spots

During the first half of the trip, it was Lenni all the way... The first 3 Ang Cho was all by him. Some fishes were caught too but action soon slow down at lunch time... After lunch, we are using our dead prawns but we caught some fish too. In a double hook up, Ceelee and me both landed 2 good size Ang Chos.

I managed to land another one later on too... And that was the last fish of the trip. We all went home satisfied because we managed to land some good table sized fish today.

The score was:
Ceelee: 2 pcs Ang Cho a.k.a Fingermark Snapper (Biggest 1.3kg), 1 Guhoot
Nigel: 2 pcs Ang Cho(Biggest 800g)
Lenni: 4 pcs Ang Cho(Biggest 1.8kg)
CP: Kosong

Total Catch Pic

The other assorted fishes were landed here or there i can't really keep track most of the time i'm just relaxing so i didnt take much pictures also.


fishyat said…
hi i know its a post soetime ago, but do u have the contacts of the boatman?
Nigel said…
Do a search for Ah Poh...

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