Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Getting to KTM Resort, Batam

KTM Resort is famous for its nice scenery and luxurious rooms but at the same time, avid anglers can take a chill out from the usual hustle bustle of rush or hardcore trips... Do some eging, light offshore or simply laze around. The day offshore at KTM Resort is relatively cheap at 250 SGD for 10 pax but i have not tried it yet.

Here's a simple guide on how to get to KTM Resort, Batam. The first is to call or email the kelong and clarify which room you want. There are beachfront, seaview and deluxe cottages. Once you have booked the room, a 30% deposit via OCBC bank is required. The remaining 70% will be paid once you reach the resort.

Check out the map of KTM Resort for the room placing(Click for a larger image)

Different Rooms, Different Pricing!

Now that you have gotten your rooms, the second thing is to book the ferry there. You can choose Penguin or Batamfast.

Once the ferries are booked for your departure date, you are ready!

When you reach Batam, the resort driver will be waiting for you to drive you up to the resort which is only 5 minutes drive away.

More information on KTM Resort can be found at their official website.

For an exclusive CR by the Baktao and friends, you can view it here here


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you must take a shower with mineral water because there are no fresh water. That's too bad.

Nigel said...

its ok if theres no water ill just not bathe :)

Anonymous said...

lol.....have a nice trip !