Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tom's First Peacock Bass

This is yet another Peacock Bass report. There seems to be nothing else that is easier to catch than these aggressive fish. This trip, we brought Tom along and he is raring to go as it's his first time luring for Peacock Bass outside the US...

When we were into the fishing grounds, I waited for awhile while Tom and Shawn set up. I wanted Tom to get the first cast as the fish would be unshy. But they took quite awhile so i gingerly made the proverbial first cast and BANG! I got a hit on the first cast! A good sized Peacock Bass which was well over 2lbs gave me some fun... but alas it threw hooks. Now Shawn was next and on his first cast as well... BANG! Tom was peeking over now and all of us were soon casting our lures out.

The fish were noticeably more fiesty perhaps due to the hot weather. Small ones were chasing our lures and hitting them constantly. This may have put the bigger ones off.

Shawn's Peacock

Tom finally got his first Peacok Bass but it almost dropped back into the water! Awesome stuff! We were getting hits and misses and the glaring sun... Tom and me worked the weedy patch at some point with our frogs and both of us registered good hits but the fish were totally blind! I made a mental mode of the weedy area as we called it a day... I will be exploring it further in another trip... Monster Tomans and Haruans were sure to be lurking... Hehehe...

Tom's first few Peacock...

I managed to get a crazy bugger...


Paddy Pike said...

Loving those pictures Nigel, What photoshop are you useing ?
All the best,

Nigel said...

Hello Paddy, i am using GIMP 2.0 :). It's free! Just google Gimp 2.0 . Great tool

FishAddix said...

nice ones! you guys fish for peacock bass alot in singapore??? do rubber worms worm here?

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