Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ang Kuey (Red Snapper) Mania!

Date: 25 May 2007
Boatman: Ah Chong

Today was not sucha good trip for me... I became the Gelama King... Hahaha... Anyway today we reached the first spot and ZzzZzt! A Chermin, Ang Kuey and Guhood in quick succession! Then ZZzzZzt but piak... A Chermin ran away... ZzzZZt... Hook lose... Another Chermin ran away! After that not much activity so went to next spot...

Where it was the Ang Kuey frenzy! It was almost lojiak... Ang Kueys of various sizes came up... The rest of the day was not as good though with strong winds detering us from going to our favourite spot.

Anyway... At the end i caught many Gelamas with Live Prawn... HaHaHa.... Overall great trip with great kakis...


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