Fishing at Orto Fishing Paradise with the "Sometimes Machiam Expert"

Torpedo Rohu

Fishing in Singapore has been seriously boring and dull due to the pandemic. We aren't allowed to go overseas and there has been the constant pivoting to arrange local offshore fishing trips amidst safe distancing restrictions. 

I mean it's so boring that I even found time to try out Orto Fishing Paradise with Ah Du a.k.a Sharkbait a.k.a "Sometimes Machiam Expert". Did I enjoy myself? Yes... I think so. I learned quite a bit of new techniques and insights although the pond being a catch and release one was a minus for me. (Sorry, I'm now a fully fledged baiting unker)

What I did learn though was...

Big baits work! Especially the resident lampans...

Big baits work for the Chao Phraya Catfish (CPC) at Orto. I think these fish are even more bored than us but will definitely chomp on big baits. Maybe it's also them being aggressive but since Orto is filled with lampans, it is only natural that it would be an awesome bait for the catfish. Use small baits, catch some lampans and cast them out. You only have to wait a few seconds or minutes before the take comes.

Casting rubbers along snags like the fence and buoys

This worked well too and I guess since it was a largely flat and featureless pond, fish would generally take cover near snags. What I didn't expect though was to catch a torpedo sized obese Rohu fish on rubber! I estimate the fish to be over 10kg... How I worked the rubber was to pitch and pause and the fish took the rubber while it was completely still. Pity though we all thought it was a Siamese Carp at first.

Check out this Kraken Gear TV video by Ah Du on how to rig up lampans!


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