Bringing kids fishing to Pasir Ris Farmway 3 (Iwarna Catch and Release)

A super long time ago, I started Bring Kids Fishing in the hope that I will be able to bring kids and parents out for fishing for a small fee for sustainability. I have decided not to continue with the commercialisation part of this simply because I saw another viability. Don't get me wrong, I'm still passionate about bringing kids fishing but the way it should done would be to inspire like-minded individuals all around the fishing community and beyond. Rather than relying on "Paid Lessons" and "Enrichment Classes", I prefer for parents to turn up on that day and learn themselves.

I did not know how to do this at first but I got enlightened after this trip. The way to do it is simple. Start with your circle of kids and fishing community. Bring them fishing, teach them values, teach the basics. Then, they will bring others in time to come. It isn't that difficult and anyone can do it.

So I gathered some kakis and brought some of the kids I knew... And I must terribly worried they wouldn't be able to handle some of the huge fishes in the FW3 pond. After a million of the below sound bites from the kids...

"Huh? Fish can pull so hard one ah? Why so strong!"

"Wah my hand aching already, how?"

"I very tired already."

"Why they fish don't want to come out"

"Cannot reel!"

Here are the resulting photos!

Safety briefing before fishing
Superb CPC!
Another CPC!
Another one which needed a few kids to take turns to fight it up!
A visit by a rare barramundi
Another picture of the CPC...
Pole fishing star snapper
The only red tail catfish landed on that day. The kids lost many of them due to them fighting dirty.
Very proud of them and very happy they had fun. If you're bringing your kid there for fishing, write to me on a checklist of things to bring and safety instructions.

Also, my deepest appreciation and gratitude to the management of Iwarna to open early for the kids and to also provide help guiding the kids. It's operations like these that serve beyond business. Thank you too to my friends that came along out of their own expenses and time.

Look out for my next trip during the next school holiday!


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