Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Fishing at Desaru Fish Farm, Malaysia

Picture taken from Facepalmfishing video (below)
So quite some time back, we made the trip down to Desaru to fish at one of the fishing ponds. I'm not really sure it's called Brother pond now since there are other Brother ponds in Malaysia. No idea why that is a popular name.

This time, brought Shawn Xue from singaporefishing.org and also Joshua, who hasn't gotten a fish on lure for ages. Guess what? Yes, kims again although the groupers weren't biting that day... we had loads of fun on light gear, visited some tackle shops in Malaysia later on and had a serving of cheap durian.

Also, we got to fish with the awesome young blokes from Facepalmfishing. Check out their video coerage ;)

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