Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pandan Reservoir Belida

Every lunar new year I would set aside some time to catch some fish and it seems that I still have it! Although it was a slow and windy night, I managed to hit this juvenile Belida on white rabbit rubber lure while luring at the Pandan Reservoir legal area.

Reel used to bring up the fish was my 10 year old Daiwa Caldia Kix 2000 which has been with me forever and catching fish for me even till this day. Spooled 6lbs Suffix 832 on the reel and paired it with a Shimano Bassrise 4-8lbs.

My old buddy - Caldia Kix 2000
It was really pure luck as earlier on I had another similar sized Belida chase my lure (Zman super tough ghost shad) all the way to the jetty platform and turn away at the last minute.

Beautiful Knife fish AKA Belida for the night
Awesome to hit CNY fish!
Pandan Reservoir though over fished, is still producing some good catches for all the lurers in Singapore and hope this continues!

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