Fishing with Ah Ho on his New Boat (Venessa)

Fishing with Ah Ho (Henry) was always going to be fun as Ah Ho was a proper "Fishing Charter Captain" in the sense that he knew where the fish were and he really knew how to get them! There are many "Boatman" who just bring customers to fish blindly at blind spots these days!

Fishing at Southern Islands middle of the year was always fun as the pelagic species like Sagai, Golden Trevally, GT come out to play... This trip was no exception but the wind played a joke on us and we could only fish the inner islands than go out to the deeper waters for the big fishes! Nevertheless, I had a special guest on this trip.

My fears were gone when I boarded Ah Ho's new boat - Aircon Cabin, Speakers blasting music and a comfy rest area! What seasick?!

As the day went by, did fine and even managed to get some fishes herself! The crew made up of first timers to Ah Ho's style were caught by surprise when they were told to use sabikis! But they got the hang of it at the sagai spot as they brought up hard tail scads (Chencaru/Torpedo Scad) and Sagai! I myself had something huge take my storm thunder micro jig only to come off the hook!

Micro Jigging is getting more popular in Singapore these days and shops have even come up with custom micro jigging rods! But the good old fashioned Sabiki will produce wonders when you do it correctly as a group! It definitely beats micro jigging hands down in terms of quantity!

During lunch we dropped by Pulau Hantu and it was here that I even spotted a huge GT chasing baitfish around the jetty area!

Well, the total catch picture to end the trip as always... not that fantastic but still some fishes for everyone! And to cap it off, Ah Ho's "Kung Fu" Fishing pose!


Anonymous said…
hi may i know what is his contact and the price?
Nigel said…

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