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Digging for Clams (lala) at Kranji Beach with Family

Digging for clams (lala and tua tow) the previous round was addictive and after the first time, I was better prepared now as I brought water bottles to collect saltwater and sieve trays for easy sieving of excess sand!

I brought my brother on this trip and I actually consider it a life lesson digging session. Why? Simply because, the value of hard work and not taking money for granted is really put through during the digging. The shellfish that we dug is only worth a few dollars but only through wading in mud, digging, sweating undet the sun did we get our clams. Nothing is free in this world.

Anyway, I'd think my brother had a great time as he was naturally someone who was curious about sea creatures and the sea. The fact that we could see live horshoe crabs roaming around the tidal flats piqued him with great interest. I even saw a barramundi jump! We went barefoot as we waded across the flats although I wouldn't recommend this to kids or women. Barefoot is probably the most natural way of doing it but do watch out for the horshoe crabs!

walking barefoot in the mud and getting down and dirty!

brother looking like he done it all his life
We dug around for two hours before we had enough clams for the whole family! Mom was going to cook up something special that day! Saltwater was collected to soak the clams for them to squirt out sand!

It was a special occasion for me too as I had some bonding time with bro
The clams ready for soaking in seawater

Mom cooking up chinese wine clams!

Curry clams!
I'll be writing up a clam digging guide at Kranji Beach so that readers here can benefit. They will include time to go, equipment to bring, how to make sure they clams spit out sand and so on. If you are interested in some guiding, I will be able to arrange a guided clam diggin tour to Kranji Beach with some basic tools for rental and some basic guidance but do note I will not be responsible for your own safety! Just drop me an Email at nigel.lian@gmail.com if you're keen on something :)


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