Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Visit to Woodlands Waterfront Park

Here's a very popular and easily accessible fishing spot that fishing newbies can try! It's high on my list of "relaxing yet somewhat can have reasonable catches sometimes" fishing spots! Other fishing spots on this list include East Coast 6 pipes, Sembawang Park, Changi Boardwalk, Labrador Park...

I took a walk down memory lane when I finally visited Woodlands Waterfront park after its opening some time back. This was a place that was opened up for fishing (no live baits) after some renovation and rebuilding works. The former RMN (Royal Malaysian Navy) jetty was now a revamped jetty that was opened to public.

All developed now!
There is alot of controversy surrounding fishing at the jetty as you cannot use live bait and can only fish around certain areas of the jetty. I know this to be frustrating for anglers as the best fishing areas were near the shore where the drop off and rocky formations are! I fished this place regularly with lures before the park was revamped and it often produced wonder catches in the form of record size Barracuda, Barramundi (kbl), Mangrove Jacks, Tenpounders, countless ah sengs on lure! In the past, I even spot a school of a few hundred mixed fishes like Chermin, Pompano, Sicklefish schooling together near the "ramp" area... I remember fondly my first saltwater monster got away at this place as I was naive and used 6lbs braided line without leader! The fight lasted 10 seconds as a monster Barramundi gulped my lure down and I couldn't stop it...

Anyway, I took some pictures of the place and there are still people using live baits there not only for fishing but crabbing. I guess authorities may be closing one eye as many fishermen in general still use baits.

Last time, standing at the ramp to cast and fish will produce miracles especially rubber worked around the dropbox or ramp edge. Popping the mangroves was fun too!

From this point to the start of the jetty, fishing was not allowed! Most of the fishes will be here!

This area of the jetty perhaps if you are skilled enough you may wanna try bottom bouncing rubber for grunters, chermins, ah sengs, red drums.... cast as far as possible

A crazy hot place

These sights still warm me. A son bringing grandpa out for a fish. Hell, that's how I learnt it too - the hard way.... Bringing my barang barang, bringing my catch home all taking stupid buses.

Yup, ah laos fish just under the jetty. Smart move.

Love birds can have some fun smooch smooch. Scenery can be nice at night!

No live baits - doesn't make sense since crabbing and fishing with bait is still popular

A popular place last time for luring and crabbing, in the past, you had to walk with your back to the fence here. There were some areas you could cast a lure. Catches included cudas, MJs, tenpounders, kbl on lure. Now it's all gone!

One popular crabbing place in the past. Does it still have crabs?
There surely are still some very good catches even though the construction of the jetty probably polluted the jetty badly. In the past, Tarpon could be seen cruising near the RMN jetty and you can even find Ang Cho just at the pillar staring at you...Popping near the mangroves at the jetty was fun last time hehehe....

One technique to take note that I suppose works is what seems like live baiting assam fishes on the surface. I felt this was a genius tactic as it not only means your bait lasts long (from crabs) but also means you get predator fishes like cudas and kims! All the ah laos fishing at the jetty was using this method! Interesting! Rig was a simple marker followed by leader. It seems like the trick is to lower your bait only until the water and then loosen your drag and wait for the biggie to come!

Well, I might be wrong though and they could be just waiting for biggies to swim past and then they sight cast? But here's the video anyway!

Anyway there is a restaurant (Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant ) here as well so love birds can have some fun there! It's afterall a waterfront area!
Rasa Istimewa restaurant
Here's how to get to Woodlands Waterfront Park - take 856! Google map is a little outdated I guess!

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