Friday, February 22, 2013

Inflatable Boat and Kayak Fishing 13 January 2013

Here's a little post about some Inflatable boat fishing with Shawn's Kairos and Kiat yet again with his Hobie... As usual, we set off from our usual grounds early with our usual routine being Yishun's Sincere Tackle Live prawns being our first stop in the morning. Sincere Tackle is a great convenient tackle store if you're looking to stock up on accessories or baits early in the morning! The fact that they open at 6am on weekends is a great convenience for kayak or self boat fishing kakis like myself.

An early day!
 photo DSCN0522_zpsf10e4401.jpg

Was this our secret spot?
 photo DSCN0552_zps2fd62607.jpg

Anyway, it was now proven from a few outings that Chermins respond to the downgoing tides extremely well and during incoming tides, it was the grunter or guhood that was more prominent. That was the case today as I had a good grunter in the morning drifting the drop offs. A good sized grunter!

 photo DSCN0525_zps68da890f.jpg

Tide settled and kiat got a stargazer aka kuku fish!  photo DSCN0537_zps8478fe90.jpg  photo DSCN0539_zps7cd0c29d.jpg

As the tide slowly settled, the sites stopped too and we continued working hard but without any bites until the tide started to go down and we went to the Chermin area. Sadly, the weather wasn't in our favour and we had to turn back to avoid being caught in an all out storm!

But.... not before I managed to bag a Chermin! Hehehe.... The Chermin was taken on the Shimano Bass Rise 4-8lbs and a Shimano sahara 2500 which made the fight quite sweet although the reel was a little too big to match the rod.
 photo DSCN0555_zps25769eb8.jpg

For inflatable crafts like the Kairos or the inflatable kayaks, fishes and their sharp fins are always a huge concern as they can cause some serious damage to your craft. In fact, the fins are sharper out of the water. A grunter or grunter could easily put a serious hole in your Kayak so the angler must always be sure to handle the fish with a keep net or if you are experienced, boga/lip grip the fish outside the boat. Make sure you do not high stick your rod in the process!

Heading back to avoid the storm...  photo DSCN0568_zpsa761b7c5.jpg

Boatman Shawn hiding from the storm...  photo DSCN0546_zpsbb60e6d9.jpg

Anyway, a closing video to showcase the mini storm!!! 

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