Friday, November 2, 2012

Lucky Diamond Trevally (Chermin) On Lucky Umbrella Hat

Another busy patch gone and another few weeks of rain passed me by pretty quickly. I havent had the time to fish for a long long time now and I even lost my tan - which is good! But as my exams draw near and work is getting cleared up, it's back to the sea...

This trip was some time back during mid autumn festival in which we got totally drenched in the rain but I still managed to hook onto a Chermin right at the end...

Still sunny as we set up...

On this trip was Kiat with his new Kayak - An inflatable Hobie i9S Kayak!

We started off right at our favourite spot but there were no bites. The funny thing with fishing on an inflatable boat (Kairos) was that time seems to pass slowly and that was bad as you need to have patience when feeding for Chermin as you pinpoint the correct tide to target them. We later found out that some music from the radio can help in "stretching" the time so that we linger around the area longer! Hahahaha!

Anyway, we soon ran into a massive storm that had me take cover with my all terrain tactical umbrella hat! We beached up and waited till the storm passed. Everyone was shivering after this and going back to fish was a test of our will!

Out of the rain!

After that we had not much luck except Kiat in his Kayak who casted into a school of baitfish and had a Catfish took his live prawn! Haha!

Thankfully, during the ebbing low downgoing tide, lady luck smiled on me as my Zeus Inox 4 - 8lbs took a mean beating and up came a decent sized Chermin or Diamond Trevally. Finally! My first decent catch on Boatman Shawn's boat!

A Mid Autumn Chermin! Hehe!

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