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What Is Popping In Luring?

Whenever a fishing kaki or fishing friend tells you Popping, it stands for a type of fishing with a surface lure. A popper is a top water lure that floats and resembles bait that usually stays at the top of the water. In freshwater fishing, these could be frogs or little chicks. Poppers usually have many rattles so as to cause vibration. They can make a popping and splashing effect by a concave cut head.Surface lures are also known as top water lures, poppers and stickbaits. They float and resemble prey that is on top of the water. They can make a popping sound from a concave-cut head.

A fisherman has to twitch his rod in order for the popper to chug forward and the concave head of the popper means it will splash water from the head.

Popping is a widely used fishing technique used for fishing for GTs, Tomans and many more other aggressive fishes that love top water lures...

Below is a short video i have made to let our viewers know what is popping... Don't mind the lousy popping in the video... It's just meant to illustrate...

I'll be doing up a how to "Walk the Dog" with a pencil the next time we get bored when we are fishing... Hahaha


Paddy Pike said…
Good filming Nigel, I did the same sort of thing when Eddie was useing my rod and Popper but it wasn't quite as clear as yours,
raragem said…
Yes, please show how to work the pencil...even best will be to capture on video on how the fish come and whack the surface lure.
raragem said…
Yes, please show pencil video soon! Best to capature video on how the fish attack the lure....

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