Desaru TU Lighthouse Jigging and Fishing with Badol

Fishing in Malaysia is affected by the year end monsoon season...This season, the monsoon is here early and it's bad thing for us as our trip to Pekan Pahang got cancelled due to the strong wind and rain. But a few phonecalls away and we got ourselves on a trip to Desaru TU Lighthouse for light jigging and bottom fishing.

Alan just got back from Desaru and it was a Queenfish frenzy according to them. As usual, i prepared jigs from 30 - 60g and some metal tracers for the Tengerri. I am using Owner SJ51 Stinger Jigging hooks 2/0.

We had a good breakfast at one of the stopover and met up with our boatman Tekong Badol. The roti prata was great at this place and the funny thing was that once we met up with the boatman, we knew today was going to be a good day. From the way he talks to you, we can tell he will not be lazy and arrogant. It's hard to find a boatman like that if you know what i'm talking about.

We followed Badol to the beach where we're supposed to board the boat. Wow it was a nice beach and we drove on the beach slowly to park the car. After that we took lots of photos and the wide open sea made us excited... What will we get today?

Badol's Van...


Shawn going crazy...

Me and Badol

We loaded the stuff and off we went. Next stop Desaru TU Lighthouse for some light jigging!


The moment we reached the place, we can see fishes jumping and baitfish getting hit by bigger fish. There are loads of Queenfish (Talang) all around us. That got our blood boiling lol.... beginning we tried normal fast jig but they won't take so we changed to EXTRA FAST JIG. You must jig until there is a "piak" sound at the water. Hahaha yup after we changed to that the fishes are hitting hard and fast. 3 casts will get us 1 fish if you work the jig properly. Apparently, the fish are all over the place but will get really excited only with a super fast jig fly through the water!

I got the first blood...

Tommy got into the action too!

Badol had some fun too

The White rabbit MJ5000 jig doing well to get fish...

More and more...

Asari cast fighter

Shawn finally got one after so many hits...Vanguard 40g pink

It's my turn again!

Releasing the fish

Look at that bend!

A Shimano Bassterra for jigging! How sweet!

We kept landing fishes like nobody's business and tested lots of our jigs. My best jig was this one from Technic... it kept hitting fish till the metal bent. Hahaha!

After lunch all of us were sore and had enough of jigging so we turned to bottom fishing.

Whose foot?

Bottom fishing was slow and the fishes are not responding. We still managed to get some good eating fishes for the dinner table though... There were some biggies that took off... one of them making my rod and reel scream so much that I couldn't get it out of the holder... Eventually the fish cut the leader off the rocks. Another fish broke my friend's rod as the fish took off like a steam train...

Eating fishes...

Sunset at Desaru

I also tried to be arty farty!

Well, that's all folks... we ended with a good meal of freshly steamed fish.


Paddy Pike said…
Thats a great picture of Shawn jumping, And the ammount of fish you all caught is unbelieveable, But shawn caught a monster at the end,
Well done one and all on a great catch,
melvin said…
bro, saw one of your pic, you were jigging with the bassterra? what length were u using?
Nigel said…
Hello bro... 6"6...

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