Saturday, October 15, 2011

17 September 2011 Abang Trip... Black Sweetlips!

Fishing in Singapore is getting harder. To get fish, one must go to a kelong for fishing, boat for fishing or even paypond to fish. But at least there are still some fish. It's up to the angler to try!

Alright guys, i am finally going to update my blog with a September trip! This was the LG(Lorry Gang) second trip out with Abang to Southern waters. Anticipation was high since the last trip was pretty outstanding! In fact abang told us the previous day his boat got 25 pcs of fish including 18pcs ang cho...

We travelled to the sotong spot to scoop our sotongs and they were in quite good numbers.

By 11pm we were already travelling to the fishing grounds with ample ammo....But it was NOT GOOD... Fish were'nt biting and there is an abundance of sealice around. What to do... just wet our lines first!

We had a few bites around midnight and later on at 2am when Abang shifted to a secret spot... an underwater sea cave that is around 20m high extending from the seabed... I got a pesky orh kaci here that took my bait at around 30m from the surface! That was a pleasant suprise. I was probably retrieving slowly and my bait was slowly dangling as it travelled along the sides of the sea cave. The fish saw it and took it. Good fun!

Nick had his first good sized Ang Cho and Clarence had a swell of an Ang Cho plus a grouper which frayed his leader badly as it went into the rocks to hide...

Bites were slow and sporadic... well... below average catch but we're still happy!!!

Shawn got his fish chopped off by a Barracuda!


Total Catch!

I'll post up the recent Sailfish trip to Pekan that we just had... It's a super bad trip... what to do..

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Paddy Pike said...

Wow thats a great catch and to have a fish taken by a baracuda thats unreal,
Great Blogging,