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Fishing At Aunty's Pond

If you're seeing this post, it means I'm at Thailand fishing! I'll be trying to do a Robson green and will be aiming for my first Mekong Catfish, Arapaima and Alligator gar! Ok back to the post!

There was a good strong response for fishing at Aunty's Pond one sunday and within a space of one week, we made it happen. Full credit to Alan for him to put together such a trip so fast. For the booking of the pond, you have to arrange to buy the fishes, arrange the booking and so on. The booking of the pond is $500 and fishes are $10 per kg.

Fishing from a paypond is very common in Singapore as we don't have lots of productive fishing areas but we have loads of fishermen and that creates a unique market for setting up ponds which stock up fishes for fishermen.

For that day, we bought Barramundi and Golden Snapper to be released. We released about 70kg of fish i guess. That's around 70 fish roughly.

Okay let's get straight into the action. All of us were shocked when we reached the pond. The reason was because it was CRYSTAL CLEAR. We could see the fishes hanging around each other. These were the leftover fishes from the previous day's booking! Some big barras were sighted. The clear water took away some fun and even made it harder to get fish when we started fishing. The fishes can see the lines and hooks... so you guessed it... They refused baits and lures.

I used a light leader of 12lbs and the fishes seemed more receptive to light lines but bringing them in was hard as they would dash to the structures.

Only a few fishes were landed till the cages were released and our fishes were let out. Sadly, the golden snapper hung around the cages after release and this made it easy for them to dive into the structure when they got hooked. We lost many fish this way but we still had fun!

There was a mini competition going on for those who were fishing. The top catch will get a $100 cash prize.

I only landed a measly 3 fishes and was 5th in the list. Hehehe... No prizes for that so better luck next time! I guess we'll only come back when the water is not so clear...

Some pictures from the event...

A birthday at the pond...

Alvin with the prize. He got a 1.1kg Mangrove Jack

Not a very excellent catch...

A group pose!


Paddy Pike said…
Great Fishing, And the weather looks fantastic, I thought it was a good catch of fish,
The group photograph says it all,
Top posting Nigel,

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