Pasir Ris Farmway 3 CNR Pond with Tian

After watching recent episodes of Robson Green at work in Extreme Fishing, AG and I were itching for a bit of fishing. We chose Pasir Ris farmway 3 for its longer cheaper fishing hours compared to Punggol Pond. We had Tian tag along too. It was his first time there.

We got a variety of baits from chicken liver, cockles and my secret bait which was dead milkfish. When we reached the pond, we were mildly concerned as it was way too crowded. We made our way to a little corner and got ourselves started. The bite rates were slow in the night. It only picked up in sporadic moments when the rain ceased. We managed to burst off a few Chao Phraya catfish and caught some patin though. I had one which took me for a ride.

When morning came, we were more optimistic. We started using our dead milkfish for the Barramundi and Red Tail Cats. The bites were furious for the whole pond. Big Kims were being landed. I casted just meters from the pump and was caught in a big battle. I knew it was a red tail cat from the start… they’re always like this! They fight slow and deep. Thankfully, this one veered away from the pump… all the way to the fish rearing nets! I had a tough time controlling it with a 4-8lbs rod with 6lbs powerpro line… but with abit of thumbing and swearing, it was ready for a photo shoot. This was really a close battle. I nearly lost it to the structures many times…

AG had a RTC find her too. Just that this one took the bait beside the pump and went under the pump straightaway! Needless to say… it was lost. I cast my bait at the place where I got my first RTC and went to the loo. When I came back, I already saw my line slack and it was all the way below the pump. I reeled in fast and striked hard. There was a little tug and struggle but I was cut off instantly too… That was the end of the Red tails!!!

Kims and cats were landed by everyone but we eventually had to go… Not a good outing but we had some fun…


Paddy Pike said…
Well done all you guys, I think i like the catfish the best, But there is a hell of a bend in the rod with the Patin on,
All the Best to everyone,

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