Pics of NFF Fly

I had a reader requesting some pictures of my NFF so here they are. They are not done up nicely but i hope i would be able to provide some idea of what an NFF looks like.

NFF stands for no frills fly and the main aim of this fly is to be extremely expendable, easy/fast to do up and using the least materials possible. Of course, it still works! So far i usually spend around 20-40 seconds doing up one NFF.

NFFs are usually used in conjunction with the spin fly rig for conventional spinning rods.

An array of NFF. Can you spot the sweet wrapper, rubber band and cable tie NFF?

The fly material is held to the hook and cheap/unwanted mono line snells the hook with the material. The same method is used in tying sabiki hooks. You can then secure the snell with glue if you want. You can also use some paint or marker to colour the mono line. I usually use bright red. But these are all optional. For the hooks used, i usually used Maruseigio hooks. These hooks enable better setting of book because of the less wide gape.

Materials used

Even Chinese new year past decos can be used!

These are some of the materials i use for my NFF. They can be anything from threads to sweet wrappers to even rubber bands. I hooked a fish on my rubber band fly last week so they do work.

Close ups

I've caught Temensis, Peacock Bass and Toman fry on my NFF. Let's hope I get more species!

Pictures below:


Taufik Sardon said…
T.T cry sia... I saw the rubber band one
Nigel said…
Youll be surprised at how nice the action is... wriggle wriggly... rubber!
Paddy Pike said…
HaHaHa Nigel HaHa wriggaly wriggaly rubber, Your killing me my friend, But i tie the same sort of NFF's myself, I will have to start naming them to, Hahaha
Thanks for the laugh Nigel,
Best regards,
Nigel said…
Thanks for the visit and comments Paddy!

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