Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Last Minute Bash

I went fishing again today afternoon with Weiyee.... It was to be another freshwater fishing trip which was supposed to be relaxing... Just a 10 minutes bash and we were in to the casting area. It has rained quite a bit this week. This resulted in water which looked just like my tea with milk.

I showed Weiyee the usual casting spots and where i last burst off my huge Toman. On the first few casts i got a fish on a longish NFF Fly.

Fish on NFF

That being done, i took out my new fly design... A fly which was conjured up during spare boring time at work. A rubber band fly!!! Made with 2 strands of yellow rubber band ends and 3 strands of red ones... The action of the fly was good... Like a squid which was hovering around... moving rubber!

I lost my first fish on my new fly as it wasn't hooked properly but this really shows the fish there aren't fussy about the fly designs... they are more interested in the action and technique in tricking them... I will definitely try out my sweet wrapper fly next time round.

Anyway, only small fishes were landed and we moved on. We reached a spot directly facing the roadside. It was where we saw a big 2kg Toman swimming around lazily on top but it swam away once it saw us. We casted for awhile and there was this BIG SWIRL of ripples just in front of us. Something big was stirred by us... but it didn't fall for any of our lures.

We bashed on and on until eventually we were only a short distance away from the Ang Mo spot... another tributary in the river system... We gave it a go and reached the spot pretty late. We had limited fishing time here because we have to get back to civilization before the sun went down. We went to the end... Weiyee got a bite almost instantly after casting to a school of Toman Fry... A sizable Peacock Bass took him for a ride and led him to the sunken roots. Luckily, there was no burst off... Just a loss of fish.

I had a PB try to whack my minnow but missed it totally... It was then thatI gave up casting my big lures and clipped on an NFF. I was rewarded with a Peacock and a Juvenile Temensis that gave me a GREAT FIGHT... It was a freshwater GT for 10 seconds because i had hooked it's belly... I released the fish but it was in poor condition. During the fight, the hook had torn open it's belly and i could even see some guts falling out. Hope it's okay... The spot was very quiet as the sun was setting... We set off after that and returned home... to a good Saturday's sleep!

A decent PB on fly...

Foul hook resulting in GT like runs... After hook was removed, some guts spilled out :X

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Paddy Pike said...

My word you guys certainly know how to have fun, And the rod and reel realy look the part,
Top report Nigel,