Wednesday, June 9, 2010

River Monsters Season 2 Is OUT!

I'm sure almost everyone would have heard of the River Monsters series on TV. National Geographic Channel is giving fish and fishing lovers a treat by supplying us with relevant shows. There's Monster Fish too. In fact there will be another fishing show opening this month! Anyway, below titles are for reference so you can search for the series on Youtube or Torrent it.

I find season 2's episode 2 very relevant to Singapore Anglers as we have the Toman as a very common fish in our waters. But then again, the show's extremely exaggerating and even labels Tomans as poisonous... and Human eating?! I guess it's to make the non fishing friends excited! Hehe!

Season 1 Titles
Episode 1 Piranha (Piranha, Amazon River Dolphin, Payara, Armoured catfish)
Episode 2 Killer Catfish (Goonch catfish, Mugger Crocodile)
Episode 3 Alligator gar (Alligator gar, American Alligator)
Episode 4 European Maneater (Wels catfish)
Episode 5 Amazon Assassins (Arapaima)
Episode 6 Amazon Flesheaters (Piraíba catfish, Jaú catfish, Redtail catfish, Candiru, Candiru-Acù, Payara)
Episode 7 Freshwater Shark (Bull shark, Queensland grouper)

Season 2 Titles
Episode 1 Death Ray (Giant freshwater stingray, Mekong giant catfish)
Episode 2  Killer Snakehead ( Giant snakehead, Bullseye snakehead, Silver carp)
Episode 3 Congo Killer (Vundu catfish, African lungfishes)
Episode 4 Alaskan Horror (White sturgeon, Northern pike)
Episode 5 Rift Valley Killer (Nile Perch, Nile Crocodile, Hippopotamus)
Episode 6 Hidden Predator ( Bull Shark)
Episode 7 Demon Fish (Goliath tigerfish)
and so on...

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