Extreme Fishing With Robson Green

I've been following the Extreme Fishing series for quite some time now and one of the main reasons that I've been glued to it is that there is something different in every episode. This crazy fella goes all over the world and uses all sorts of fishing methods from kite fishing, noodling, archery fishing, spear fishing and so on. Of course, there is still conventional fishing being used!

Another aspect of the show that i like most is that its a show that even non fishing lovers will appreciate as he goes all over the world and samples different cultures. There's not only non stop fishing but Robson stops over and samples different things which include fried flys and other strange foods. Good commentary and good videoing makes the show quite the documentary.

I've covered season 1 & 2 and am currently on season 3... Fishing in Kenya!

Find out more in his website...

Here's a clip of him fighting the Giant Thailand Stingray


Paddy Pike said…
Nigel, I have been watching this mad geordie lad for years, he makes the show great, and it always seems to show him having fun, Well nearly always,
Anonymous said…
where u watch his video?? i cannot find on the web.. most say for UK audience only
Nigel said…
hi dude... u may wanna torrent it...
Nigel said…
Yup Paddy... i agree... he's a master of balancing fun and work. I admire him pulling every episode off the way he does

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