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Siakap aka Kim Bak Lor Fishing at Sembawang Fishing

Tackle data: Yamaga Triceptor 65ML with Shimano Vanquish C3000
Angler: Ah Du from Kraken Gear

Had some fun on the jetty

Barramundi on soft rubbers again. This guy simply on a trot.

Yet another one from the Sembawang SAFYC fishing archives. A decent barramundi hauled up from the murky depths. 

Enjoy the media coverage!

@baktao Barramundi lessons with @Ahdu.2222. CNR also kana complain. #fishing #sgfishing #barramundi #barramundifishing #singaporefishing #sembawang #fishinglife #fishingtiktoks #luring #fishingtips #fishingsg🇸🇬🎣 #barramundihunter #siakap ♬ たぶん - YOASOBI


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