Batu Pahat Fishing Trip with Captain Tony Lim (Kurau Haven) and David Ho

Fishing with the legends

It's been more than two years since our last trip to Batu Pahat for fishing. I truly enjoyed the first one for reasons only a bottom fisherman would know. It's not just anywhere where you have superb tasting fish to catch. The type of fishing in Batu Pahat also suited us since we were targeting bottom dwellers like the golden snapper, grouper, grunters and also the somewhat rare kurau and senangin.

It was a no brainer when slots opened up for this trip and I could go fishing with my lovely friends - Biao, Bao, Ho and Baks. It was also Bao's birthday which made it all the more special.

I truly enjoyed myself again. If you wanna go, contact David at +6590154088, he will be more than willing to bring you up.

Some highlights of the trip.

Breakfast at Batu Pahat

We had breakfast at one of the neighbourfood roadside food stalls called Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Laiyi. Delish local fare and very hearty food. The meatballs are so addictive.

Queuing up with the locals and getting our grub

How I missed Malaysian style noodles with curry or lor sauce

I opted for noodles with meatballs!

Biao opted for Nasi Lemak

Local "Black Pearl" aka Tai Yuan Durians at the boat

I have been to Kurau Haven boat before and it's super comfortable. But what made it more welcoming was that Captain Tony brought some durians from his own farm to celebrate Bao's birthday. The durians were of the Tai Yuan cultivar and interestingly, the colour of the durian meat was less pale than what we usually have in Singapore for this cultivar. The "organic" fragrance and eating pleasure of the durian was really enjoyable.

Not too sure why David had to ika jime this durian. Heard it is to enhance the taste.

Beautiful flesh

Happy birthday Ah Bao!

Captain Tony. What a lad.

Feels like we already accomplished our purpose in fishing

Really enjoy sia

Fishing for our target species

One of the most noticeable things fishing at Batu Pahat is that we target certain species in the fishing. Captain Tony was also a die-hard golden snapper guru and we had quite alot of hits on jigs. Biao managed to get one senangin on tai kabura kosong although they weren't really feeding and that was also interesting since we don't really have much application opportunities in Singapore. And as usual... Bao with the eging rod... scoring quite abit of fish.

Caught one on the naughty jig

Kurau jig and eging rod

Photo bombing

Tai kabura kosong and senangin
David cleaning the fishes for us

Decent catch although not the size we were looking for

Some pictures of Kurau Haven Boat (GPS:

Where we drop off

Super spacious and comfortable

One of those boats that feature an elevated platform

Basic shower facilities are available at the jetty

I really like fishing on elevated platforms. Very useful for jigging.

Easy boarding

Dinner at Swee Kee Tonic Soup 

We had our mandatory dinner stop at Swee Kee Tonic Soup (branch) 水记炖品. Every time I eat their curry fish head, I am reminded why that Batu Pahat golden snappers are the real deal. They're tastier than our Singapore ones although Singapore ones are already quite good. The meat of the snapper is sweet and flavourful.

Black chicken soup is their trademark or must order

Simple furong egg

Tea leaf eggs!

Singaporeans must have kang kong

Curry fish head with freshly caught golden snapper. Bestest.

Oh yes, this guy also. Last warning sia.
@baktao Eging or fishing? What is he trying to do? #eging #fishing #squid #sgfishing ♬ Squid Game (Let's Play) - Alok


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