Fishing Tips at Singapore's one and only GT (Giant Trevally) Pond also known as Angler's Playground Catch & Release

So I finally made the trip to the famous Singapore GT fishing pond that has been around for years. Due to the pandemic, there's nowhere else to fish so I thought why not. Recently, the pond has had a change of owner and is now renamed to "Angler's Playground Catch & Release".

To start off, do note that the pond is catch and release so you can't bring back your catches. To make up for it, the pond houses some huge fish like GTs, Groupers, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack and Golden Snappers. There's a certain way that the owners feed the fish and the tactical feeding means that the fish are extremely healthy but clever as well. 

The fishing time is also rather short at 2 hours so while many anglers have gone in with their own way of doing things by bringing assorted poppers, hard bodied lures and so on, the best lures are still good ol' rubber lures.  

You must also be wondering "what tackle do I bring?" The good news is that you don't need any high end GT popping setups here but you will still need proper tackle as the pond as the pond is small and a raging GT can easily thrash your tackle if you are playing it light. I would recommend at least a 10-20lbs and above (or MH or PE2) rated setup. Bring heavier gear and slowly downsize as you get the hang of it. In the videos below, I was using a Zenaq Jigger Trust T60-1 which is rated 1 Oz (about PE 1.5) and a Daiwa Morethan Branzino 3000 (12lbs main, 40lbs FC leader).

You can view some GT pond fishing tips below but here are some that worked well for me as a first timer to the pond. 

  1. The main method of fishing is to cast your lures into the berley strike zone when the meat is being thrown into the pond. Your rubbers or lures have to imitate injured fish both in terms of size, colour and action. Injured fish or falling bait has a rather awkward action so find a lure that falls that way. You can also hook the rubber up to resemble a "lump" of fish meat. I know purists would scoff at that but if it is your first time here, do that do secure some fish first before you go technical.
  2. The size of the rubber, colour of the rubber are variable. They can like it small or big in many different colours. Go back to resembling fish meat - dark, silver, red, black etc. Try combinations until they work.
  3. Use big hooks. The fish here are not your 1kg 2kg fish at the usual ponds. Some of the GTs are in double digits. We were using baiting hooks of 7/0 and 8/0 to hook our rubbers.
  4. The fish generally get more active after some continuous berley. They won't be taking your lures all guns blazing at the beginning. Expect more strikes in the last hour.
  5. No matter your fishing tackle, you will need to expertly guide and turn the fishes head as they try to break you off. If it's in a safe zone, play it slow but if comes at you, beware of the jetty and structures around the pond. Dip your rod if it decides to go under the jetty (think sailfish or BSR). 
  6. Always keep safety in mind. Jetty can take 3 while the walking platform can take 1 or 2. Look when you're casting and move away should action kick in. Be aware at all times.
  7. If you're not keen in GT, you can work the sides of the pond and the structures. In fact, there are fish under the jetty platform and walking platform. Try big rubbers.

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Pricing (last update 26 July 2021)

Weekday session

  • $180/2hrs, up to 3 anglers.
  • Tuesday and Thursday only
  • Morning session: 9-11am
Saturday / Public Holiday session

  • Not available on Sundays
  • $200/2hrs, up to 3 anglers.
  • Morning session: 9-11am
All session includes 5kgs of berley (fish meat ) , top up $30.00 for another 3kgs of berley.  Please arrive earlier to setup, session start sharp at 9am-11am. Additional angler @ $40/pax, maximum 5 anglers. No rod sharing. A deposit of $50 is required to secure your date. 

Recommended tackles: PE2 and above, moderate casting required.

Only artificial baits are allowed; e.g. Soft plastics, hard-body Etc.  Only one single barbless hook is allowed on any lure at all times. 

Above information taken from their official Facebook page. Please call Edwin for updated information.

For bookings, address and details

Address: 291 Neo Tiew Cres, Singapore 718903

Bookings: Contact Edwin at +65 90065013

Note: The pond is beside the famous "Auntie's Fishing Pond".


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