Changi Fishing with Ah Fong in 2021: Handline CRs!

It's been an extremely busy year with the pandemic wreaking havoc on personal life and fishing plans. Thankfully, we still can do local fishing in Singapore but the number of people allowed on the boat constantly changes which makes it hard to do planning. Here are some of the trips with Changi Ah Fong this year! 

Had a great time with my kite fishing handline setup on Ah Fong. Landed a few good fish too. Setting power is not strong so I had to jump to set hook. Hahaha... next up is to land a fish on jig with this setup.
Also had quite abit of fun with the Singapore Fishing Telegram admins on an Ah Fong trip. Handline got me some fish again!
When the COVID-19 heightened measures kicked in, boats could only take 2 pax for fishing and a max of 4 hours. Going on Ah Fong was still possible! In fact, I quite like this arrangement... Made grouper sashimi when I went home. It was absolutely heavenly.


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