Monday, October 5, 2020

Eging at Punggol End Jetty with the famous Fisherrmanfan

Can I still do eging? Can I still catch a squid? These were the questions running around in my head as I went for a last minute eging trip with the famous Fisherrmanfan. Fisherrmanfan (also known as Yifan) is going eging with me for his very first time and I was supposedly the "pro". Problem was that I haven't been shore eging for maybe almost a decade! Fished out some of very old eging jigs from my storage space and realised I was already out of stock for my favourite Yamashita egi jigs. Ahhh never mind, I still had trusty Lamses, Cofita and Technic cheap squid jigs. I bought these for 50 cents to a dollar in the past! 

I still had my cheap egis!

No eging rod and reel? Ahhh never mind, brought my micro jigging setup (St Croix 6-12lbs and Shimano Vanquish C3000). Eging was still the same. Squids still come at certain timing. Punggol End Jetty still has some squids. But I guess the season hasn't really reached. The eging ah laus were still there but I was shocked to see everyone of them has upgraded to dedicated eging setups and were whipping like no tomorrow. Almost every eging angler on the jetty also had glaringly bright headlights! It was so different from last time... I was also shocked the jetty as still packed after midnight. 

Nigel - 1 
Yifan - 1 
Rockstar egi group (at least half a dozen of them) - 1 
Ah Laus (3 to 4) - 0

Quite a relief that I managed to save my face by catching at least one piece... it was promptly dispatched the next day.

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