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Again having super meaty flower crabs from B&B Fishery Services!

Why are crabs so tasty and delicious?
Why are flower crabs so delicious? I had another go at B&B Fishery Service's extra large and meaty flower crabs and I wasn't disappointed. In fact, this round was even better as ALL the crabs were meaty and of consistent quality. Remember I told them that were was one slightly water crab? Seems like they took my feedback seriously and made sure quality was 100% good.

The current batch of crabs (I'm told) are live crabs and delivered fresh right after harvest so there's no soaking in ice or transferring to markets to try and get them sold. This ensures that the crabs are as fresh as they can be and anyone who knows their crabs know that the meat quality deteriorates very quickly. In fact, once the crabs die, the deterioration process begins! Kudos to B&B for taking care of this very delicate but important challenge.

Okay I talk too much. Here are the photos that I took! Recipe was just simple hua tiao wine, salt and light soy sauce. Steam for around 15 minutes to 20 minutes will do.

Crabs came packed in a nice foam box with adequate ice. How sweet of them to remember my blog too.
Great storage!
Good sized females!
To illustrate how meaty the crab was, I simply removed all the meat and put it down on the board. See? No watery parts.

No "watery" crab 
Full with roe!
Male crab heads were also very full of good tasty stuff.

Full carapace
Super full head!

I even took a quick video of me smashing the body with a nutcracker to show the firm meat underneath (sorry poor the poor video, low budget blog is like that).

There were female crabs in this bunch so roe is present!

More meaty pictures...

Seafood mooncake? 
Simply squish the body and the meat all comes out
Full, thick meat
Even the leg meat is full!
Full claw...

You can view their products at https://www.facebook.com/BBFisheryServices/ or you can call/WhatsApp them at 8833 8913.

Note by author: This is not a paid post in any way. I may have helped B&B Fishery Services share a few posts but my crabs are paid for and the tasting is in no way exaggerated (I take pride in my reviews). Also take note that the prices of the crabs do change according to supply and demand.


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