Saturday, March 25, 2017

Baktao Lollipop and Ice Cream micro jigs scoring on a Merchong fishing trip!

Lollipop micro jigs were conceived when Baktao wanted a micro jig that could be jigged fast or jigged slow. Adopting a very common cut, the Lollipop micro jigs are recommended to be jigged at slow or medium or fast speeds. One of the key features of the Lollipop jig is that it is very deadly on the drop or using a pitching or drag and drop (bottom bouncing) method when the boat is anchored. The jigs come in a variety of colours all centered around the theme of aurora or rainbow colours. Aurora or rainbow colours are very effective for a wide variety of species. 

Earlier on, I tested them in Port Dickson and the queenies there simply went crazy over the jigs. The question for me was then whether they would actually do well in East Malaysia (Rompin, Pekan, Tioman, Desaru, Mersing etc.). Would they be good for bottom species? Ebek? Cobia? Tengerri? Well I got my answer when Ah Biao aka Nenasi tested some of the jigs during his trip there. 

The micro jigs proved deadly no matter how they were worked during the trip. You can surface skim them, bottom bounce them, jig them across water columns or simply just fast retrieve!

Bonito couldn't resist taking a chase at the jig. Great topwater action!
Jigged across a reef column, the jig drew the attention of this cobia. Note that colour was murky and it was overcast. The lumo stripes probably did help a little.
Bottom bouncing using micro jigs! My favourite and most lazy way of landing most species.
Great take and awesome fight with this tuskfish. Destroyed the paintwork of the jig though!

You can get the micro jigs at Bakgal's fishing shop.

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