Recommendation for cheap Mookata at Bangkok – Family BBQ Mookata

Found them at Instagram!
Bangkok, the land of smiles, is one of the countries that we travel to and worry that at the end of the trip, we might not be able to button our clothes! This sounds exaggerating but it is true and I literally boarded the plane with my shorts unbuttoned but zipped. 

Today’s post will be a feature on a particular “restaurant” that didn’t seem to have much information on google and made me contemplate if I should give it a try. Thankfully I did. It was awesomely deliciously fantastic! I can’t classify this place as a restaurant as my definition of restaurant is one with air-con and nice, soft and fluffy carpet.

Introducing Family BBQ, my new found favourite place in Bangkok for Thai Mookata. As I got very excited and hungry upon reaching there, I missed out taking pictures of the spread.

We chose the seafood buffet which comprises of salmon fish head, mussels, clams, baktao, squid, crab, bamboo clams, prawns, and a lot more non-seafood item stuffs.  I’m zooming in just on the three items I enjoyed the most.

First up – prawns, I like the idea of how they had 2 options for their patrons.
  1.  Prawns laid on the counter like all usual buffets; 
  2. Live prawns swimming around in the tank and you have to catch it live yourself.
Of course, I went for the 2nd option and had a little fun using thongs to catch up my own dinner. 

Prawn and Scallops!
Second up – fish. Fish has been my favourite since young and I get really excited when Dad cooks an entire fish for me alone. Like, I don’t have to share the fish cheek with anyone. There was salmon fish head and a type of Barracuda fish known as Saury.

Saury is a nice oily fish!
Third – crabs. Lots of flower crabs and I like how we had a separate flat based metal which makes BBQ easier. Just remember, when you BBQ the crab, you will need to place the crab faced up so that the juiciness is kept within and flowing to the meat. Else, you will end up with a dry meat crab.

Yum! Whole bbq crabs!
Fresh flower crabs!
And you know, I love my baktao, so I ate lots of baktao there as well.

If you’re intending to try out this place, I would recommend you setting out early and to avoid the peak hour. We were caught in the peak hour rush as we left about 6.30-7pm, and we reached the location only at 8.45pm, a super late dinner, but still....

Bakgal endorsed!

Price (excluding drinks):
Seafood Buffet: 199 THB
Non-seafood Buffet: 399 THB

Without traffic jam: 15 minutes taxi ride from Platinum Mall
With traffic jam: 2 hours from Platinum Mall

Family หมูกระทะ แยกอโศก-เพชรบุรี
Soi New Phetchaburi, Bang Kapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand

This blogpost is a guest post written by Bakgal. You can check out her Facebook page at


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