Monday, July 20, 2015

Prawning for Yabbies at Orto, Bottle Tree Park

"It just isn't productive anymore"

I came from an era where prawning produces very large prawns and each person would get around 30-50 prawns for every 3 hours of prawning even though they may be beginners at prawning. The prawning costs are usually 3hrs - $30 and it was a whole lot of fun. After some sporadic prawning trips to Jurong Haibin and Orto, Bottle Tree Park, I somehow feel that prawning isn't productive anymore and the trend seems to be dying off.

So if you were into prawning last time and going to visit a prawning pond soon, do lower your expectations.

Orto - Bottle Tree Park  

Orto at Bottle Tree Park came across as a very experienced prawning operations setup in the ever popular Bottle Tree Park at Khatib. Bottle Tree Park is also where Fishing Paradise is operating. At first glance, you could see space maximization, efficient operation setup and impressive use of technology to ease operations. Rods were tagged using bar codes, there was NETs available and even fixed prawn release timings. I was quite impressed by the whole setup. Orto had a "members" package at 10hrs for $108 and it was a no brainer to take that package since you can divide the 10hrs into many rods if you're going with a friend.

Orto prawning pond also featured electric grills so no messy charcoal was needed if you wanted to grill your prawns. Neat!


Prawning for Yabbies


Look at those claws!

Yabbies are usually tastier and bigger
Prawning for the usual prawns got very boring but Orto had freshwater Yabbies in some ponds designated as "Yabby Ponds". Yabbies are tougher to catch as they have very tough shells to pierce and they are also heavier in weight. Once you hook onto a yabby, you'll have to fight it very carefully. Yabby claws are also much more lethal than prawns so handle them carefully.

I somehow find Yabby ponds very good for teaching newbies the basics... This is because Yabbies are heavier and when they get on the bait, it is extremely obvious. They also grab the bait better and don't let go often. You can then teach newbies how to set the hook firmly. You'll need to strike hard for Yabbies for the hooks to go in deep but after you get the hang of it, it's very easy.

Looks very tasty and it is!
Cajun spices for the win
Electric Grill
Oh yes, Yabbies are also more tasty then the usual freshwater prawns and I highly recommend a blend of Cajun spices to accompany your prawns!

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