Eging (Fishing for Squids) at Labrador Park Breakwater and Ramp

Eging has been picking up popularity in Singapore for quite some time now but it probably has already reached the peak although some tackles shops in Singapore are bringing in hybrid squid jig lures which have treble hooks on them. Eging hot spots are an open secret in Singapore since squid habitats and suitable eging spots are easily identified. Squids are also less valued than fishes and chances are, you will always have ample squid to catch!

The squid fishing spots in Singapore are confined to mostly the South (Harbourfront and Marina), North-East (Punggol) and East coast (Bedok Jetty, Changi, Tanah Merah). Other very famous in Singapore are our Southern Islands like Sentosa, Pulau Hantu, St John's... Egi anglers haven't really had much success in the North or West coasts though there are the occasional reports of cuttlefish aka baktao. Perhaps it's the salinity and clarity of the water. Squids tend to love clear, salty water rather than muddy ones... I've been hearing a lot about eging at Marina South piers and breakers recently but as those are not entirely legal, I stuck to a proven legal spot this time round - Labrador Park...

Labrador park used to be very good hotspot for squids as you could access the jetty but currently it is closed for some marine conservation purposes so we had to make do with the ramp breakers which would suffice. The ramp used to be accessible but now it is fenced up for safety reasons so we would have to improvise by squeezing the corners to cast our egi. Egi legends have it that Labrador park squids fancy squid jigs that are slow cranked... I reckon that's bollocks as I got all my squids by stroking method on this trip...

The new berlayer walk bridge was interesting and there was another jetty near to the ramp. It was illegal to fish at this jetty though so we fished under the jetty at the breakers. Fishing on the breakers meant that you have to keep casting, keep moving to search for good patches of squid because squid often came in schools. Alas, it was not yet the peak season and the squids were all solo heroes... but surprisingly, the Yamashita Egi-oh Purple Pink scored an arrowhead! I loved this squid jig as it was a two contrast egi jig with dark purple and pink... I've always believed that precise colours don't matter for eging. It's more of whether the jig is "bright" or "dull"... I would always use bright colours for murky water, dull colours for clear water. If squid are shy, I would change to dull colours and employ a longer pause in between strokes.

Anyway, here's the beast in me with the squids I caught!

First one was an arrowhead!

A tribal baktao delighted at massacring his rival arrowhead

Baktao scoring against the green eye...

Good size!

Total catch. Well, one of the heads were used for fishing. What could be better?
Read my eging guide here to better equip yourself in the war against squids!


sim said…
Hi there, very informative blog. Thank you for sharing.
I was there at Labrador Park (same location) on Wednesday night. Didn't caught any.
Is there any things to take note on the tide, (2 hours b4 high tide?)
Im using 2.5 - 3 size eging jig.
Nigel said…
Hi Sim,

Size 2.5 - 3 is ok but generally you should stick to 3 if possible unless it is shallow.

The squids at Labrador are not easily caught because they tend to be spread out due to the countless spotlights and areas they can explore. I usually do eging 3 hours before the max tide and find it to be good BUT somehow at Labrador squids don't follow this pattern and if patterns prove useful, most Labrador squids tend to come in 1 hour before high tide and continue 2 hours after max tide. When the water condition is right, you'll see a lot of leaves, rubbish come to the side and water clarity improves after awhile. Water also should be coming "in" and not coming out from the estuary side.

Going in a group is better, have a few kakis cast at different locations to isolate schools. Hope this helps!
Sim said…
Thank you for the advice. Will be going again soon to try.
Not b4 stocking up on Egi (Lost a couple of ones the last time there)
Next time if see u there, I'll say hi.
Anonymous said…
I live in the east, and would like to check out bedok or tanah merah jetty. Would there be better chances there? Or elsewhere?
Nigel said…
Changi boardwalk should be better

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