Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Changi Offshore Fishing with Ah Chong

Yet another trip with chongster and the gang to ang cho land - Changi. Fishing the Changi, Tekong, Ubin seas has always been boring - it's always either golden snapper or grouper. This trip was a perfect example of that except the catch really sucked. There was a super torrential downpour in the morning from 5am which lasted till 9 or 10am and even though I almost wanted to tell ah chong no go, he had this really confident streak in his voice and eventually we decided to go and get some fish!

We stopped by Changi village hawker centre to tapao mizzy's corner nasi lemak, had a feed of ipoh hor fun and Changi village carrot cake before we proceeded to Changi point ferry terminal to board the boat! After that it was to the prawn farms to get our prawns from kelong aunty - it has been almost 10 years since i met kelong aunty and she has aged alot... nice to see she always remembers me!

Favourite Ipoh Hor Fun from Changi Village

Changi Village Black Carrot cake!
It was a not so notable first trip for my new setups - daiwa branzino 3000 and golden mean slow dancer pe 1 / shimano trinidad 12a and CTS madai rod. No fishes landed on madai, no nothing....

new additions to the family
But get the fish we did as Ah Chong's first few spots yielded some misses and some fishes up! Some spots were as deep as 2metres only and yielded good sized snappers! As the sun cleared up, the group cheered and strutted about their fishing business in a confident way. Jigs were taken out, prawns rebaited instantly and lunches were postponed... well... the thing was, nobody told us there were no fish biting after 1pm!!!

branzino first fish is a groupy

good size snappers were landed

fishing addict face

to be fried with veg

yes he got one too!

And so did mr chong

and the baktao himself...

But... really from 1pm - 5pm all we had were broken hearts....

Still had an excellent feed with my family though...

hong kong steam

teochew steam

Till the next Changi trip...

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