Changi Ah Chong Singapore Boat Fishing March 17 2013

Busy working life, study life and relentless fishing leads to virtually no time to blog about what has shot by this few weeks...  Recently, another important priority was thrown into the picture and it was one that I will never regret. I'd almost forgot about my blog except for Emails that readers continue to drop me and today someone asked me why you never update blog... feedback from that someone was important and here I am blogging (stop smiling like an idiot hehe)

I have blogged about my Changi Offshore Boat Fishing extensively in the past and this one was no different except I was on a mission to catch fish on artificial bait - namely madai and micro jigs this time. After a quick meal at the newly renovated Changi Village Hawker centre having a meal of Mizzy Corner's Nasi Lemak... we felt all stuffed up and I really felt like going back to sleep actually. Hahaha...

The Nasi Lemak chilli was not spicy but had too much Onions...i liked it though! Like sweet and sour!
Got myself some nasi sambal goreng to eat on the boat too!
But the weather wasn't agreeable and as if fishing in singapore wasn't bad enough, it had to rain like crazy... and I thought to myself, the live prawns are not even working.... how can my artificial baits work?!!!? The morning and afternoon passed by slowly and all of us were so bored... even the baiters got bored!
The toe fishing skill!
That answer revealed itelf soon enough as I had a hit on asari micro jig! I got myself a rabbit fish! This was extremely surprising and it egged me on to continue my non stop jigging while the others on the boat (my family and relatives) wondered whether I would give up...

At one of the spots, the fishes certainly were there and as we drifted past exciting rock formations and corals, I let my madai jig do its sexy dance! Surprisingly, I had a big hit and miss! Everyone looked at me like I was joking.... How can this joker using artificial fishing baits in Singapore succeed?!?! Those only work when fishing in Australia lah they said...

And then... FISH ON! I had a good hit at 30m of water and the struggle with the fish ensued.... it was a grouper for sure but I wondered how big? It was quite a good steady fight on my Golden Mean Slow Dancer PE1! Up came a grouper just about 2lbs... Great for the dinner table tonight at Kimly Seafood!
The baktao and his food!
Grouper on 60g madai!
The fishes were responding to my jigs aggresively as the tide changed and this was a great observation. As soon as the current died though, the fishes stopped responding to jigs and hit the baits instead! Proof? See below!
Cousin leon with a grunter~
We didn't have a great end though with some big fishes escaping and we went back after 5pm...

End result as always... steamed grouper at Kimly! Teochew style!

Next post will be about the last part of my Manila trip.... hang on there... I'm gathering pace...



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