Correct Fighting Positions/Techniques For Boat Fishing

I actually came across these thoughts while I was looking at one of my Youtube videos. The correct fighting positions especially when fighting fast swimming fish like Mackerals are extremely important in boat fishing. I lost one of my record sized mackerals because of this and it was been a painful but useful lesson. I know of many an angler still making the same mistakes today due to ignorance or sometimes they forget...

Whenever you see a friend hookup a good fish, don't just wait... get out the camera for a video or help get him into position plus at the same time look out for obstacles that lie ahead. The usual obstacles are lines that are still in the water. These are common habits that seasoned anglers usually do in these situations and they can be useful too! Also, your buddy will be forever greatful to you when that record fish is landed. Like they say... fishing is a team effort!

Common Problem 1: Fish changes direction and swims at lightning speed towards the back of the boat.

In this situation, anglers usually hook up a fish at the front of the boat while popping or jigging. Many anglers (even seasoned ones) usually lose themselves in the initial run of the fish and do not make preparations for plan B. Plan B is usually when the fish decides to run in the above direction. Usually, this means the fish uses the current and goes for it! Anglers should prepare to move themselves towards the back of the boat. While moving, reel in slack line and try to continue fighting the fish normally. Don't jerk too much or the hooks may get loose! Look out for obstacles like strewn tackle boxes or even strewn anglers! You should react fast especially if the fish runs towards the boat propellors! The boat propellors can mean an instant sliced line... Anglers should also note that if the fish suddenly changes direction, there will be slack line. Reel in this slack line and load the rod fast to avoid the fish jumping the hooks! Look out for the anchor and anchor line too!

Common Problem 2: Fish runs under the boat

This situation usually happens so fast and can result in broken rods as rods are high sticked. A fish that runs below the boat should be countered by immediatley sticking your rod into the water and adopting a low fighting position. During this time, fishes that take to aerial combat (Queenfish, Herring) may sometimes leap into the air (often at the opposite side). Depending on the situation, anglers opposite may reel in their lines fast to avoid entanglement or they can release line (if the lines are already badly entangled). The angler who is fighting should continue dipping the rod as the fish runs. When the fish stops running, the angler should attempt to turn the fish back to front of him. In some situations, it may be more advisable to actually wait for a good time (when the fish stops runing violently) and go to the back of the boat to switch sides. This will be an instant fix to the fish running below the boat! Take care to avoid the propellors though!

Note that for both common problems, if the situation is deemed to be delicate or happening too fast, boat skippers can often turn round the boats and position the lines in an ideal position. Note that the most comfortable position in fighting fishes will probably be the fish just being infront of you and you can then take advantage of proper leverage.

Below's the video that reminded me of such techniques and in the video, both common problems are eliminated as the angler reacts to the problem. In the first part, the angler adjusts his position to the Rainbow Runner as the fish quickly takes off to the back of the boat. Slack line is reeled in as fish swims in. In the second part, the fish tries to dive under the boat and the angler reacts to dip his rod to avoid high stick of rod. Effort is then taken to turn the fish away from the propellors. During the fight, fellow anglers not only take a video but clear their lines as the angler fights the fish.

All these can break or make a record catch!


Alex said…
This was a good suggestion that you put up here...dude…..hope that it benefits all the ones who land up here. 

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