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Changi Offshore 1st December and 30th December 2012

These latest Changi offshore fishing reports are already a month old but I'd still thought I'd share them on my blog. Fishing Changi and Pulau Tekong in December used to be an exciting affair when the Chermin spot was still not reclaimed by sand. Regular fishing kakis will book spring tides in which the Chermins were notorious for turning up always. Sadly, after land reclaimation by the Government, the Chermins have since dispersed loosely and god knows where they now hang out. If only they were still around and I could be jigging for them with micro and madai jigs instead of using live prawns...

Oh well, catcheswere still fairly consistent with the evergreen Ah Chong and my family had a ball of a time bringing up fishes. We were fishing the spring tide and Ah Chong brought us to a number of shallow hide outs between 2 meters to 5 meters near the current Pulau Tekong reclamaton works... yes... they are going to reclaim that as well. It seems that next time Changi will just be a single fairway with a bridge in the middle.

Evergreen Ah Chong with his lucky smelly white shorts!
 photo DSC_4540_zpsa00fcbc2.jpg

Battle of the Shimano Aceration and Daiwa Hyper Certate...
 photo DSC_4535_zps94301a16.jpg

Live prawns the bait of the day again!
 photo DSC_4539_zpsad8434a3.jpg

Weiyee doing Extreme Fishing! A great Robson Green fan he is!
 photo DSC_4551_zpsd72edf76.jpg

My brother as always.... having his fair share of fish and bringing up each fish nonchalantly!
 photo DSC_4575_zpsdd4d7e39.jpg

Chicken wing as bait! Me having some fun and creating some laughter with the group... hahahaha
 photo DSC_4595_zps3b7a59d7.jpg

Testing out some Madai Jig...
 photo DSC_4580_zps48cb2da2.jpg

My uncle and his friends having a ball of a time...
 photo DSC_4569_zpseeefba56.jpg

I personally enjoyed myself when I got myself a 2lb red snapper on 4-8lbs tackle and 6lbs frog hair FC line!

The highlight of the day came when one of the kakis had the line busted by a suspected huge barramundi as the fish went under the boat and messed up a few lines before taking off like a steam train! What a pity!

Better catch on 1st Dec
 photo 31599_10151380715313689_659840441_n_zps20a930fe.jpg

The lousy catch on 31st dec...  photo DSCN0395_zps289b4133.jpg

We returned home that day to have a great meal of Steamed Ang Kuey aka Red Snapper! photo DSCN0401_zps7f9e8923.jpg

These days I usually just bring my family and close friends for Changi offshore but if you want to join, feel free to drop an Email ;)

I'll be updating a Sibu Kelong trip to Ah Ngan (Wing Sing Kelong) Kelong and fishing with boatman shawn on my next few posts!

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