Desaru Boat Fishing Contacts

Many anglers have Emailed me to share my Desaru fishing contacts so I thought why not blog about the contact so everyone can benefit. Desaru is becoming a good convenient place for Singaporeans to cast a jig and satisfy their jigging needs because with the recent ulu tiram highway, Desaru is just 45mins away after crossing the woodlands customs! This means light jigging right at our doorstep! Therefore a one day trip is possible for the angler and it isn't really hard to get a slot compared to local changi offshores or southern islands.

The rates of desaru charters are around 650rm to 1000rm depending on the boat size and they launch directly from the Desaru beach. They offer jigging at the famous TU Lighthouse (you can pop too), the famous tukun reef and so on. There is a good range of fishes at Desaru with the most common being pelagic fish - the Queenfish, spanish macks, trevally species and you also have the reef species like groupers and snappers.

Now while a one day trip should suffice, a two day trip will also work out. We stayed at the pelangi balau beach resort during our last desaru fishing trip and it was not too bad. For dinner near desaru, one can check out the laksa manan restaurant! Anyway, here's the contacts I have gathered.

  • Ah Hee 016-7739692/012-7308208
  • Badol
  • Ah Long +01860197730833. 
  • Rothman +60 12-730 7772
Call them to find out about the latest charter prices, meeting location and so on!


Anonymous said…
lol ah long..seems legit..later the ah long say i O$P$

btw im sure there's a limit to the number of ppl they can take right? how many can they take? i've nv boat fish, quite interested and this post is very informative..thnx!
Nigel said…
Ah long and ah hee takes 3 - 4 while badol boat can take 5 - 6
Unknown said…
We a looking for 8pax boat

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