TCE Tackles Import Export Grand Opening

TCE Tackles grand opening made it to the newspapers on 8 January Sunday... So i went to have a look. It's finally good to have a tackle shop near me. Shawn was on the way to pick me up for fishing so i told him why not visit the grand opening and see what they have. They also have door gifts and food...

Here's the address and contacts!

W'CEGA PLAZA, 658064

+65 6684 2628



The place is quite big and has free ample parking but might pose a problem for those without their own transport. It's in the middle of an industrial estate. I guess it's kind of a "showroom style" tackle shop as they do not sell baits or water etc.

TCE Tackles stock up with in house brands like Lemax, Ajiking, Strike pro, Bakau Xpuyu, Tomman, Banax, St Croix. Most of them are Malaysian brands. I kinda liked the Bakau lure series. There are many good and effective colours and models from what i can see. Some are as cheap as only $3.

It looks quite empty but... pretty crowded!

They sell a great variety of Bakau and Strike Pro lures so Shawn and me got some frogs for our upcoming Toman river luring trip on a sampan.

I got myself some Bakau frogs at only $3.80. I spent around $8 and Shawn spent abit more but TCE gave us some free door gifts and goody bag.

Available tackle were: 
Bakau Squid Jigs, lures
Ajiking big guns
Lemax rods
Crazy choices of bakau lures... cheap too!
St Croix rods

Inside the Goody bag was a towel, mug with assorted fish designs... i got bluefin Tuna and Shawn got Dorado. A free cap was also included. We also were given a nice poster of fishes of malaysia freshwater and saltwater fishes... kekeke....

Goody bags! Everyone's favourite!

Food was awesome considering it was already cold and we can see that TCE Tackles has put on a great show for the opening day with more staff than customers, great food, posters and door gifts... Well done i would say... Let's hope they can last in the market.


Me and Shawn chilling out... with our free gifts and me taking some pictures with the poster which i later left in Shawn's van. 

Me and Shawn went fishing after that and he finally got his first fish of 2012.... Will update again!

Pictures below:


Paddy Pike said…
What a great Place to go shopping, Full of boys toys haha loving the lures and the reels, The caps are great as well,

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