Boxing Day Luring

Well, the gang itched for Santa's fishy gifts and we set off for another bash in our Singapore's remaining "tropical rainforest". On this trip was Nick... our mr Hulk who was new to this whole luring thing and was itching for a first fish on lure. We brought him through the motions and what do you know... He got his first Toman aka Snakehead.... It wasn't huge but still something to shout about!

Nick's first fish on lure... a decent Toman

All of us were cramped at a small area but we made do with haphazard casting... Shawn got a nice specimen too around the 4lbs mark...

Today was a sunny day after weeks of rain... The significant change in weather meant alot for fishing.... Water temperature, pressures, type of fishes active all changed. This was evident in today's catch which suprisingly had more Toman than Temensis!

Also an interesting catch of the day by Shawn... A jungle snakehead or known locally as the Budjuk... This fish is a rare catch as invasive species like the Peacock Bass take hold in our reservoir. The fish is a survivor and can survive in puddles of water. It is often found in muddy stagnant water and does not grow very big...

Shawn caught a decent sized specimen.... fat and very healthy... well done Shawn...Very fat and good sized...

A temensis being caught... I ended the day landing a few small Temensis... The big ones simply weren't feeding today...

But we had fun with mother nature... She is so accommodating as usual... And by fun, I mean by planking! Hehe...

And a little photoshop is going to tell you a whole new story... Imagination! Where's the fish?!


Paddy Pike said…
Its great to see you all having some good weather Nigel, Its about time after all the rain you have had, The Toman seem to be very colourful from this part of the river, They really seem to be a good sport fish to,
Well done to Nick on his first capture with a lure,
Well done everyone,

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