Friday, December 30, 2011

Shawn Finally Scores with the Temensis a.k.a Speckled Pavon

Shawn and me couldn't wake up that day but we still made it although first light was way behind us... It was going to be one of those wet wet days though and luckily for me, i brought my disposable poncho... Phew!

After around 40 minutes of trekking to our location, we set up a distance away from the spot as we knew that the fish here are very sensitive. When you stop fishing and just sit down to watch, they start surfacing and swimming around... So this time we casted behind some trees far away from the bank.... And you know what? First cast, first twitch on the pencil and BAM!! Fish on! A cute smallie to start the day... Shawn also had one take on his first cast but didn't land it...


Guess what... after that it was quiet... We could see fishes swim away from the spot as it's very shallow... The rain started pouring on us after that... out came the poncho and it was "fish in the rain" mode.

Rain mode...

That was when Shawn broke his rod tip when his rod got stuck with some overhanging vines... tough luck mate... but guess what? He hooked onto a good sized Temensis around the 6lbs mark and landed it! But but but... It jumped back into the water! Man... i can tell you that Shawn was feeling bollock-y now... ha ha ha...

Well, no matter... he got another one later one... Wow, he sure was doing every right when it came to making the fish come to papa...

A beautiful 6lb Temensis aka Speckled Pavon...

Notice the broken rod lol

Shawn lost a big Toman later too.... When it just took off with his lure and didn't return with it... Hahaha...

Well... Shouldn't laugh at Shawn too much,... I got own my own lesson later on when my Bomber Long A hit onto something big... I couldn't pull it back and it cut the water, jumped and spat my lure out... It was a Giant Gourami aka Kalui ... oh my god... it's one of my dream specie and i lost my virgin Kalui...

A happy and sad day for Shawn and a sad day for me... That's fishing in the wilderness... in the rain... hahaha

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Paddy Pike said...

They are a fantastic fish, They even look like they should be caught,
Great pictures and write-up,

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