Sunday, December 4, 2011

Prawning at Haibin Bishan Singapore

It's been awhile since i have went prawning so i thought why not do it again? Made a trip to the Haibin Bishan prawning place and looks like prawning is still as popular as ever. This is surprising because there were much bigger prawns and more prawns last time. I guess that prawning has now become a bonding type of activity among family, friends, girlfriends boyfriends...

Bite rate was very slow and topping up of prawns were not much but the prawns tend to feed at intervals. I guess this could be due to their topping up time which is consistent. At every point of time, prawns from different batches of release will feed.

We still managed to get some prawns for our BBQ... Haha... and we managed to get some crayfish aka yabbies. These are very heavy when hooked and don't fight much. Be careful of their claws!

Here's a list of Singapore Prawning locations if anyone is keen

And i have written a prawning guide and tips long long time ago too! Click here to get the guide...

Pictures....Prawns were marinated with mineral salt and ground black pepper. Be sure not to overcook the prawns if not they will be not as juicy... crayfish tasted a little like lobster...

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