Holy Crab! Great, meaty crabs with plenty of cooking options

Nicely decorated restaurants with hype and lots of influencer/blogger reviews don't always mean that food is good. I learned that the hard way at Orchid Live Seafood. So I wasn't going to take any risks with my birthday lunch from the wife and humbly requested that we try Holy Crab at their new Capitol Singapore location. I've had their crabs for delivery during the circuit breaker period and they were good so I was pretty excited at the thought of trying it "LIVE"!

We tried a couple of dishes during our time here and we made it a point not to try those we had before. Reviews below:

Live Crab

We really loved the Green Mumba Crab and Sauna Crab in our last order but we went for something new this time. We tried "Otak" and "Orgasmic". Otak was basically coconut milk, sambal and Orgasmic was salted egg. Crab was 2.5kg (or 2.2kg IIRC) and we thought it was really nice they could cook it two styles without any extra charges. This way we can try more dishes, haha. Crab was meaty and had a very full "head" area with soft shell. Otak was tasty and grew spicier as we ate on. Orgasmic I felt was about the same as how most respectable zhi char or restaurants do it except here the clumps were very tasty and complimented the taste profile of the dish. I also had free fried mantous because it was my birthday :p

Huge claws :)

Otak Crab

Big crab, 2 styles!

Yay, double shelled crab!

Salted Egg Crab

Free Mantous for my birthday!

Sawabgani Crabs

This dish is basically fried baby crab with mayo. I actually thought the mayo was quite interesting and quaint. Perfect for an appetizer. 

Great for sharing

Mini Squirters

This dish is basically fried squid with aromatics. Squid were perfectly fried and it was perfect for an appetizer. 

Simple fried baby squid

Nemo in Hot Soup

Nemo in Hot Soup was basically Kuhlbarra Giant Barramundi Belly in fish broth. I had high expectations of this dish because of the ingredients. I've always loved giant barramundi belly and the ones from Kuhlbarra are really prime stuff to work with. This dish exceeded my expectations simply because the taste profile was a well balanced. I expected this dish to either taste too "ang-moh" or "too chinese" with either being normal since in the ang moh soups, heavy styles do tend to take out the essence of the soup while in chinese cooking, the richness comes out too strongly and emphasis is usually on the effort in boiling the broth and generosity of ingredients. Both styles tend to be somehow very conventional so I was very surprised when this dish was well balanced. The broth and sherry worked really well together although I think a mixture of chicken and pork bones were used. Not too creamy, not too overpowering. Fish belly was silky and really tasty. Nice touch to the claypot which kept the soup warm throughout.

Extremely simple soup but so much care to detail!

Actually at $40, this is a steal lah. The ingredients are pricey...


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