Chef Adrian's Crazie Chef Western Food

Well, my readers should know that I probably don't ever blog about food except for one post on Cacio E Pepe because they simply ranked too highly on my list of must try foods in Singapore... But when my old time friend Adrian reopened his western food stall, I simply have to blog about it! Adrian's western food is very big on authentic flavour and a very sincere effort on customer service.

When I say authentic flavour, I really mean how he grills his steaks and the effort he makes into doing up his homemade sauces. It really is quite different from the off the shelf sauces of today... which seem overly flavorful. Other than the sauces, he offers some mean restaurant style cuisine which can include ribeye steaks, lamb shanks, grilled oven chicken, pastas, BBQ ribs and so on. We always wonder what is this guy doing a stall at a Coffeeshop! Do you know that I even had a 700g slab of ribeye once?!

Yesterday, I had his grilled chicken with special BBQ sauce (which he proudly proclaims to be better than Poulet's!) and it just had that slightly acidic taste, slight tanginess that somehow was "just right" and not overly done. Adrian also makes an effort to try and interview every customer after they finished just to find out what they think and how he can improve and that is truly real passionate Chef at work.

Adrian's ribeye steaks are also very different from your usual value for money Aston's or Botak Jones... because it really is authentic and he takes pride in that. He sears the outside of the steak crispy and the inside retains its moisture. The accompanying sauce is not black pepper or mushroom sauce but seems to be a slightly salted type of wine sauce that can also be used for his mash potatoes. It really is a different type of steak and what my friend Biao describes as "Old School Ranch Steak"!

This was 200g
400g ribeye!
Texas Chicken $7.90
Special for the day. Grilled chicken on the house!

400g strange ribeye cut!
However, Adrian does have his flaws as well and the biggest one all of his friends would point out would be consistency. His food is delicious but it used to lack consistency and since he just started up, somethings like business hours, menu available would differ so it's important to check before going down on what's available and so on. He's also fine tuning his demand to the crowd - yesterday, his steaks ran out before 8pm!

Some tips are that if you just want a quick meal, head down during lunch and I THINK his current menu now are some simple grills and pasta (no steaks, BBQ chicken etc.) If you want to try his ribeye steak, the best timing to go would be dinner time (around 6pm) because it's usually sold out quite fast. Ask him if he has specials for the day because sometimes he has strange specials lying around! Another sidenote is that since he has just started, his pans are not well seasoned yet and he has told us that his food is only at 70 or 80% taste!

How to find Crazie Chef 
465 Foodcourt
Crazie Chef currently known as "Catchy"
Crazie Chef's signboard is not ready yet so Adrian is still operating his physical stall under "Catchy" which was the previous signboard. His stall is at 467 Crawford Lane although the Coffeeshop is called 465 Foodcourt. It's weird I know! 465 Foodcourt is just opposite the famous Tai Hwa Bak Chor Mee and Happy Chef Western.

Address, price and sources of Information 

467 Crawford Lane #01-5041, Singapore 190467
Tues to Fri, 12pm - 2.30pm & 5pm - 9pm
Weekends/PH, 1pm - 9pm
Closed every Monday
Contact: 92259561
Prices for standard dishes like chicken chop are around $7 or $8 but for steaks, it really depends on the cut and stock that he got for the day. A rough guide would be Ribeye Steak 200g $16.80 (comes with sides). I had my 400g for $28.


FoodieFC said…
thanks for tip. Will go try this! =)
Anonymous said…
its should be block 465.
your blog and hungrygowhere posted a wrong address..

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