Tanjung Pinang Fishing Trip with Princess Mandiri Elly Kelong: 1-3 May 2008

Wahlao too excited lah cant sleep. Check in all our rods and icebox. Wahlao eh so damn long man the Q. We saw Sticko and Dreamer at TMFT too. Wahlao they also secret mission to TP.

Board the ferry with everyone and its 2 hrs to TG Pinang. Everyone is so excited and looking forward to the 3 days. We went to the Bakuteh stall at wahlao eh so crowded ah wait 1hr then we got our food ah...

We too excited already ah faster eat and chiong ah. We reached Elly Kelong after we bought some soft drinks and snacks.

Momok were captivated by the Otak Otak. Wahlao 8c per piece who wont be excited? Iplacing orders for dono how many hundred Otaks. After readying our gear, we took the small boat out to the big boat. We were onboard Aziz boat! The Princess Mandiri... Wahlao first thing i hear when i onboard is the captain singing Celine Dion song. The 3 deckies were there too. Wahlao they were very the helpful ah.

Wahlao eh who are these people lah secret mission also lah

Out to big boat!

Wahlao eh the first spot to jig baitfish was like 2 hrs. Everyone cant wait already ah... Finally reach the first spot and wahlao eh i couldn catch any fish lah. The fish nibble nibble only.  Finally nite started and this was when we hope the biggies will come in. The deckies scooped some sotongs for us and wahlao eh i saw the Captain hook on one very large sotong and let it float around. I thot wahlao eh nite time float sotong around how to catch lah...But i was wrong man. The Captain caught a beautiful Tengiri man. Wahlao eh at nite also got Tengiri one ah...

Live sotong was rare and after awhile i finally managed to get some when the deckie put one live sotong on my hook for me. Wahlao eh i waited like so long but still no bite ah. Then at the other side of the boat got some commotion ah. Sim battling a biggie on his rod ah... Deckie gaff the fish and wahlao eh its a Cobia man. Sim happy happy..

But i sad sad leh. Wahlaoeh my sotong 30minutes liao ah. Still swimming happily ah...Wahlao eh what a lucky sotong. But who knows ah just when i thot no fish liao lah my rod got nibble ah...Small nibble turn to big nibble and wahlao eh i take my rod and strike lor. Wahlan the fish run like siao ah...Run everywhere ah cross everyone line ah...Even propellor also kena ah... Wahlao eh poor me ah fight everyone sinker plus fish ah. But end up i still happy happy lah... Come up one Jembulut lah... Sibe song ah... Break egg liao lah no stress liao.

Baited one dead sotong and continue fishing lah. Wahlao eh who knows ah rebait only suddenly nibble ah... nibble for like 5minutes lah...I thot what si stupid small fish lah...Who knows lah i wait lah..Suddenly wahlao whole rod bent U shape ah...

I wack ah and sibe song ah thumb reel dont let fish run ah..... wah lan oi heavy heavy ah keep diving down ah wonder what fish loh... deckie see liao faster come. After a long fight wahlan come up a 2kg kaci ah... wahlan eh this stupid fish also have ah.

After that the other side of the boat action gao gao ah... wahlan oi double hookup of fish also have ah. Can hear Vin screaming like madman ah. Wahlao eh Cueball keep saying wahlao wahlao also ah. End up Vinyeo upz two Cobia la. Wahlao eh his face machiam crazy sotong lah. Necro also hook Cobia lah but hor wahlao eh he newbies lah let the cobia run and cut line with propellor. We pour lemon Juice on him let him die die ah...But everyone Face also sibe song. Then chaotic lah i forget what happen lah...Got bulat lah...More Cobia lah...

Finally See Cueball do stunt fishing lah...Dont know what fish lah dash out so far...Cueball siao de lah. Superman one lah...Finally he upz double digit cobia..wahlan oi bo wei gong lah..After that i broke my rod lah...Hit metal railing and pichia lah.

Wahlao song song man...How lah? I use Necro PE1 rod lor.. Wahlao eh who knows lah what happen lah i kena two cobia on that rod lah..2kg and 5kg lah...Wahlan fight like siao lah...Hand all pain want to die ah. Wahlao eh. Kena bully lah but still upz lah. Wahlao i didnt notice ah ger lah. She no big fish fight lah. Wahlao eh what a stupid newbies. Wahlao eh but she bring up Batman fish lah. Wahlao eh why she dont want fish robin hood lah. fish batman up..Not 1 but 3 batman lah... Wahlao eh think what we want drink bat soup meh.

After that is Xris turn liao lah...He also sibe song song landed Bulat lah...keep saying fish bo lat one...Wahlan oi screaming reel lor. Aiya he like that one lah.

Wahlao eh. Then i think later Sims's dad had a Cobia throw hook and Stingray burst lah. Wahlao what a waste lah if not more fish to tapao and cook curry lah. First nite song song lah... so many fish liao we thought thats it liao lah so aiya sian lah tired liao chiu seng liao so i better go and sleep ah.


Wake up liao wahlan eh sun bright bright. Everyone no fish leh. Wahlao eh i fish for so long only land one potato fish lah but i miss one big one lah throw hook halfway lah. I thnink is big parrot lah. Sim brought up 5 parrot at this spot lah. He fish whole day. I also saw sim hook up a biggie lah. He thumb reel but the biggie want to dive lah..Fight around 1min wahlao bo beh zhao lah....The biggie run back into the hole and sangoat lah..Pull until burst line wahlao sian 1.2 i think is a big big parrot lah..After that I think i 12pm go sleep liao lah wake up for nite mah. Nite biggies come up play poker lah. Who knows lah nite time wahlao eh no biggies leh but now we had more fun lah. We see deckie use sabiki hook play Sagai..Wahlao so many liao lah. All 1kg average size lah. Xris itchy liao lah ask deckie to tie for him. Itz a single sabiki on rangong lah. Deckie say just sink down and reel up
slowly lah.

Momok giving a shot at it

Wahlao eh at first i paranoid lah...i say wahlan eh whats this lah catch big fish lah why catch mini fish lah. Who knows ah Xris very fast dio liao ah...Wahlao eh chut suah gao gao on his super light tackle lah. Wahlan eh sibe gian next cast is me borrowing Xris rod liao but wahlao eh i xtra lah...Wahlan oi reach bottom nia dio whack lah...Fight like hell lah. Chiu seng again lah. Come up wahlan instead of Sagai i get batman again lah.


After that necro and vin also join in liao...All come and jig Sagai. Wah lao eh almost everyone kena lah...momok also kena biggy but at first he kena BATAng fish lah. wahlao eh sibe dua jiak lah. Pls see video. But eventually he also got his sagai lah. Wahlao eh after current move liao no more sagai but all shiok shiok lah. This time almost everyone went to sleep liao lah only Sim, Xris and me left lah. Sim put down nia goalkeeper wahlao eh chut suah sia...Wahlan oi fight very long ah come out one big bulat lah. Wahlao he cheat my feeling lah. Actually i want sleep liao but suddenly i see got fish so i stay on liao but wahlao eh no more fish lah Sim cheat me de lah. After that all knock out liao and head back to kelong liao lah.

Wahlao eh this is our total catch ah wah

The total catch is:
Cobia: 09 pcs
Tenggeri: 02 pcs
Barracuda: 05 pcs
Kaci: 02 pcs
Stingray: 02 pcs
Batfish: 05 pcs
Sagai: 38 pcs
Parrot: 06 pcs
Bulat: 10 pcs

Sagai Jigging Video


Anonymous said…
excellent points and the details are more precise than elsewhere, thanks.

- Norman
Unknown said…
Wah! Alw got gd catch leh! Keep it up! We gg Tj Pinang nx week. 1st time. No clues whether to bring PE1-3, 2-4 OR 5?? HELP!
Nigel said…
day time pe 1-3 or 2-4. night 2-4 or 3-5

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