Saturday, July 16, 2011

Singapore Prawning Paypond Locations

Prawning rates are usually $30++ per 3 hrs and the only difference for some operators is whether they allow you to store your hours, split the 3 hrs into 2 rods. For some operators like Badminton Hall, they have promotion of buy 3 hrs get 1 hrs free on certain days like tues night, wed night etc. They also have colour tag lucky prawn promotion on Saturdays if i'm not wrong. It's best to do your research on where has the most prawns and promotions for the period you are going at.
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For a basic introduction into Prawning, click here.

Jurong Hill Prawn Fishing
Address: 241, Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim (near Jurong Bird Park), The Village
Singapore 629143
Tel: 6265 2598

Hai Bin P Prawning at Promenade Riverside Walk
Usual rates 3 hrs $30. They have the famous $5 Pole fishing for Patin too. They release Pacu too. Extremely nice place with good ambience and lots of young folks.
Address: 6 Tebing Lane
Singapore 828835
Tel: 64478693

Bottle Tree Park (Fishing Paradise)
81 Lorong Chencharu
#01-01 Bottle Tree Park
Tel: 6759 7077

Farm Mart Prawning
67 Sungei Tengah Rd , Singapore (699008)
Tel : 65 6767 0070 
Fax: 65 6767 4756

Prawning at 1Ders Recreation, D Kranji Farm Resor
1Ders Recreation
10 Neo Tiew Lane 2
Facebook | +65 9633 6923 |
Open 24 hours daily
Pasir Ris Farmway 3 (Iwarna)
No. 70 Pasir Ris Farmway 3
Singapore 518234
Operating hours: 24 Hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Pasir Ris Farmway Prawn Fishing
Address: Pasir Ris Park Industrial Coast Park 2

Pasir Ris Park Prawning Pond (D Best Prawning)
1 Pasir Ris Drive 1, Pasir Ris Park
Tel: 6581 2123

Punggol Prawning
Address: Marina Country Club, 600 Punggol Seventeenth Avenue
Opening Hours: Only 24 Hours on Weekends, PH(See their website for more)
Tel: 63101012
Rates: Competitive (See their Website)

East Coast Prawning
Address: 1020 East Coast Parkway (Next to Burger King), Singapore 449878
Opening Hours: 24/7
Tel: 6227 3330
Rates: Competitive(See their Website)
Review by acfishing

Badminton Hall Prawning At Geylang
Address: 100 Guillemard Road, #01-13, Singapore 399718(Former Singapore Badminton Hall)
Opening Hours: Not Specified
Tel: 91827217/6345 42337217 +65 6345 4233
Rates: Competitive (See their Website)
Review by acfishing

Tua Tao Hei Prawning Pond
192 Geylang Rd(Lorong 6)
Singapore 389115
Indoor full air-conditioning

Hougang Prawning Pond(NEW!)
21 Aroozoo Avenue
tel: 6283-7822

Taman Jurong(Lakeside) Fishing Village
9 Japanese Gdn Rd
Singapore 619228
Contact : 62683020

Bishan Park (Hai Bin U Enterprise) Prawn Fishing
Bishan No. 603
Sin Ming Avenue
Singapore 575735
Tel/Fax: +65-6554-1986

Fishing Paradise (FP Prawning) at Pandan Gardens
200 Pandan Garden S(609336)
Prawning, Team building and Family Gathering
Bouncing Castle, longkang fishing
Contact: 9632 7626


Anonymous said...

hey! there's a new prawning spot at yishun bottle tree park!

it's smack in between khatib and yio chu kan mrt station. if u take the train u can see it.

Anonymous said...

Bottle tree is expensive but not much prawn!!! Waste money n time..!!

Kaven's said...

Teman Jurong pond is already closed down..

Nigel said...

Thanks boss...

Actually, i feel bottle tree actually has one of the biggest prawns in the whole of sg... but not much and pond is shallow

Anonymous said...

puggol prawning u have to pay for the pit and there is not much prawn also

MosiCafeSingapore said...

So which one is the best to go ??

Nigel said...

i think bishan is good... simply because it is crowded and can expect the prawns to be top up regularly

DevilsLocker said...

So any new location out ?

Anonymous said...

Big Splash (East Coast) is not bad except for the following that need improvement:

*Staff are quite rude
*Toilet too far
*No hand wash soap at washing area (fail)
*No BBQ pit, only 1 very small & slow electric griller. If many are waiting for their turn to grill their catch, I think the durians will drop before it's your turn.
*Don't release enough prawns even though both ponds are packed, but nevertheless, it's still better than most other prawning establishment in Singapore except for Hai Bin.
*Too many kids running around, accident waiting to happen and it's f***ing annoying.
*Ponds are not really well maintain as I always see dead prawns/yabbies floating around. Maybe that's the reason why they're not biting as often as there're too many dead ones to feed on.

On a bright side why it's not bad is because of the folllowing:

*10 hours card @ $90 only and each card can use with 2 rods instead of just 1.
*There's colour coded tag on prawn prizes available.
*Ample car parking lots

Anonymous said...


FYI, the prawn fishing at the badminton court in geylang has closed down.

Thank you.

Nigel said...

Thanks dude! updated!