Bring Kids Fishing

At Bring Kids Fishing, we believe that parents should be equipped with basic fishing knowledge (so that they can bring their kids fishing!). Fishing is a tradition that has been a way of life for our forefathers and is a healthy hobby that can bring the family together. 

Currently, we attend to parents on a case to case basis on their fishing related needs. If required, we can conduct fishing lessons, fishing tackle lessons and bring you fishing. The services we provide are meant to be affordable and it makes us happy if our customers don't come back to us after a few trips. This means they have graduated from us! 

Bring Kids Fishing is an initiative started by Nigel Lian, long time defunct blogger at Nigel is currently busy with wedding preparations and does not think that he will hit the ground running with this initiative immediately. He would be happy to cooperate with potential partners and friends. He decided to start this when he noticed that younger folks these days are more interested in digital entertainment and "softer" hobbies. Hardly any anyone brings their kids fishing anymore. They would rather buy them a tablet. 

Currently, we are running interest checks for a pilot run of 'Bringing your kid for swa jiam fishing'. If you're interested in this pilot run, kindly contact me using the below form or you can send me an email at

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