Sunday, March 21, 2010

Peacock Bass @ Secret Spot

 At 0730 hrs, i received a call from Momok...

"Fishing Ai Mai? Same old place", he said

I sort of rebuffed the earlier invitation as i had just finished my duty and was well... not very sober. Minutes later, i passed by the spot on the bus and saw a familiar presence. That guy was on the way to the spot and that sparked off whatever doubts i had.

I got home quickly and got changed... dumping my Nasi Lemak into my haversack. I got a few bottles of drinks from the 711 and i was set. The catch? I was without my rod. You don't do a 24 hour duty and go fishing afterward. It's only human that i was just going there to see the guys in action and maybe have some Kopi later.

I arrived by the backdoor and spotted the familiar presence. Both had satisfied looks on their faces like they had just been laid. Roger had that senile yet evil smile which always accompanied him while Momok had that reserved look like something bad was going to happen. After some probing, it was revealed that they had easily hit double digits in landings. Roger had even missed a big Temensis it seems. Soon, Roger passed me his poison and "cajoled" me to cast a few times. I swear every time he does this, he means to poison or show you something...

I was casting with a rather slow action rod. One that locks up slowly but very strongly. It takes a little more attention to respond to the fish with this rod. He passed me a secret weapon which was a white haired fly with red eyes. I clipped it on and started the usual "fly fishing"... Now, Momok was the one with THE LOOK.

Awhile later... i hit one Peacock Bass which took my fly on the way up. The fish rose to the fly and i set the hook. While the rod locked, the fish tried to run but it failed to take out much line. The rod was doing all the fighting and i gave a blank stare at Roger.

"Roger... What this rod ar? Very strange you know... i use rod or rod use me?!?"

I discovered another secret while fishing with the fly... THE MATERIAL THE FLY was made of... came from ROGER'S HEAD! WTF! You guessed it... by then i was in a mixed mode of disgust and some sort of awe. I rest my case.

After fishing at the current spot for some time, we moved on to a very open but potentially smashing spot. A few casts and some Peacocks were landed. Roger was frustrated because a big Peacock around 4lbs had just swam pass by his lure. There was this instance when i was just beside the PB and Momok's fly went pass but he was playing it too fast. During the next cast, i asked Momok to pause right in front of the fish's mouth and twitch. "BANG!" Fish on... This was the first time i tried this and it was like playing a computer game.

We went for Kopi afterward as the route to the next spot was obstructed by some Nigel Parks guy who kindly warned us that there were godzillas inside the water.

The fishes landed...

Can you guess our Secret Spot?


Alan chan said...

LOL i like the 2nd pics......

Anonymous said...

i definitely adore your writing taste, very remarkable,
don't quit and keep writing in all honesty , because it just simply truly worth to read it,
looking forward to browse through more and more of your well written articles, good bye ;)

Nigel said...

adore is a very nice word to use. I'll keep your comments in mind. Thank you for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...

but damned kia shu leh...photochop all the photos

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