Tuesday, November 19, 2013

No Sibu Kelong? How about Ah Fatt Inu Penyabong and Hotboys Aceh Kelong!

I've yet to visit the new "Sibu" Kelongs at Mersing but Ah Fatt Kelong is now operational and back in business! Their new location is at Penyabong Jetty! Also heard that Hotboys Kelong is taking over Aceh Kelong and will be back in business too!

How to get to New Ah Fatt Kelong: GPS Coordinates: N 02 38 907 E 103 44 94

Ah Fatt Kelong has taken over Mersing Inu Kelong and will start operations in December 2013. The new Ah Fatt Kelong will be upgraded and revamped. Looks like Ah Fatt is starting afresh!

Information from their official Facebook!

2 days 1 night RM 130 (adult),RM 70 (child below 12yrs old),
3 days 2 nights RM 200 (adult), RM110 (child below 12yrs old)
4 days 3 nights RM 270 (adult), RM150 (child below 12yrs old)
* Includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, BBQ, water, coffee, tea, biscuit, squid bait, two way boat transfer fee.
* Extra charges : car park fee RM 5 per day
* From Penyabong Jetty to our kelong within 15 mins by boat.

Activities and Information
 1.) We sell live prawn bait RM1.00 per pc.
 2.) We sell beers and drinks.
 3.) Mahjong set are available. ( free of charge)
 4.) Seaside swimming at Island can be arranged upon special request.( free of charge)-
 5.) You may enjoy free WiFi internet access at our Kelong.
 6.) Colour TV with Astro channels are available.
Contact number
+6014-9881988 and +6019-7120333 


Justin said...

Not sure where this is, from what I can find online it's rather near Kelong Acheh. (Kelong Acheh is now managed by the HBK people, going there next weekend!)

Looking forward to your reviews of these kelongs!


Unknown said...

Exactly info..ah fatt kelong just beside kelong acheh..look like better then kelong acheh area..hopefully is the same like sibu..but never trying yet..soon i will...

Anonymous said...

Ah Fatt Kelong is located near the Penyabong Jetty 15 mins by boat, Mersing Johor. This Kelong is run by a team of Chinese and Malaysian crew. you will need to pre-arrange with the kelong that you are coming onboard so that they can prepare your food - Lunch time for the Kelong is 12:30pm (1. I have spoken to the lady that pick up our booking, telling we might be late cos we are travelling from Singapore to Mersing and we might not have time to have lunch due to making a transfer by taxi RM$40 from Mersing Terminal to Penyabong Jetty to catch the boat by 1pm. I told them we have 1 elderly with us that he need to have lunch requested to prepare some simple fried rice/mee or keep some simple dishes aside for us, she said she will arrange. The following day a guy called me and rudely told us we have to lunch out, i was really angry saying fine and to hang up the hp. The last the ferry service picks you up at the Penyabong Jetty(as told the boat there should at 1pm and move on to the kelong at 1:30pm. We were there earlier waited until 1:30pm they didn't show up, so i need to call them up telling them arrived and we ended up till 2pm for the boat to pick us up). We ended up have lunch due to they have one couple that is regulars and they requested from the guy whom call me to keep lunch for them. Worst of all, if you really love fishing pay more and go some where else. This place hardly have big fishes for you to catch, the place is actually for children to have fun fishing catching the small and tiny fishes even their own crew told us that too. Listening to some of the new comers everyone said no second time and we came to know the true talking to the regulars, they told us there is nothing much to fish except the small fishes in this kelong unless you rent a boat out to the sea with them From Rm$400 - Rm$1000 depending on the duration of fishing then u might be able to get some big fishes or Sotong fishing. I can say the Kelong is well maintained in certain way like ample place to fish, free not fresh squid for bait, ample fresh water for you to bathe, free coffee, tea, biscuits, ice, water for drinking, mahjong game set for those not fishing and a snooker table(not for free) to pass time. The worst was the guy(Golden Hair Coloured) whom is in charge of the kelong is not friendly, he don't border to communicate with guests and i didn't see him smile at all. And is really unhygienic that they did not change the bed sheets and blankets when one group of guests left early one morning and staff just neaten the mattress and folding up the same blankets for the new guests arrival. For the 2 nights i slept on the wooden bed. And also due to saving of electricity, everyday there will be 2 sessions(2 to 3 hours) they will turn off the generator(for those that bring your live prawns for fishing, please bring a battery operate air pump). Also if you're a beer drinker buys your own beer there, the charge Rm$8 to $10 depending on the brand. Well, for a 3 days 2 nights stay For Rm$280 is worth it if mind to relax and have a gathering but not fishing. Last i will only give credit to the boat staff that is smiling and helpful and the Chef that prepare nice food every meals. The first and the last time to this Kelong!!!